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5 Proven Tips to Help You Pass Microsoft PL-900 Exam

The Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Certification allows you to learn all the core concepts and basics you require to get started on Power Platform. By achieving this Microsoft certification, you will learn how to enhance productivity by automating business procedures, analyzing data to produce business perceptions, and acting more competently by creating simple app experiences. To obtain this Microsoft certification, you need to pass the Microsoft PL-900 exam.

What is the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 Exam?

Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-900) exam is for applicants who have the skill to enhance productivity by understanding the ability of the Power Platform and automating vital business processes with Power Automate. Applicants must become familiar with implementing fundamental data analysis with Power BI to release business insights, working more effectively by setting simple PowerApps canvas app experiences, and developing solid chatbots without coding.

Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 Exam Details

Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals – PL-900 exam comprises 40-60 questions. The Microsoft PL-900 exam questions type includes multiple-choice, mark review, short answers, case study, drag and drop, and so on. You will be given 60 minutes to answer all the exam questions. And the passing score for the Microsoft PL-900 exam is 700 out of 1000. The PL-900 exam cost is $99. The exam is taken in the English language.

Here are the best five tips you can follow to pass the Microsoft PL-900 exam on the first try. Keep reading to figure out how you can become a Microsoft Power Platform pro soon.

1. Visit the Microsoft Official Webpage

Visiting the Microsoft PL-900 exam official webpage is a must before you begin your preparation. On the official webpage, You will come across all the essential details about the exam, including the exam registration process, exam cost, and prerequisites. You can also come to know the platform to find useful resources to help you crack this exam.

2. Understand the PL-900 Exam Objectives

Before taking any certification exam, you must understand what it includes. You must learn every PL-900 exam concept thoroughly to be sure you can encounter the actual exam with confidence. A complete list of the topics evaluated during the exam can be downloaded straight away from the official exam webpage.

3. Enroll in an Official Training Course

Enrolling in an official training course is a good idea. Microsoft provides you with two training alternatives, one free self-paced learning module, and another paid instructor-led training course. You can take up the training course that fits your budget, learning style, and time. PL-00 training course offers bit-by-bit coverage of the exam’s knowledge areas, assuring you are competently prepared when the time comes.

Do Your Absolute Best in Microsoft PL-900 Exam

4. Become an Active Member of the Microsoft Community

You get lots of benefits by becoming part of the Microsoft PL-900 professional community. First of all, such online forums are much the same as resourceful libraries, providing you a key to Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals certification exam success. Also, it supports you share and obtaining new skills needed for the PL-900 exam. Finally, PL-900 forums act as the perfect support groups, strengthening your confidence as you interact with like-minded individuals who have either failed or passed the test with good scores.

5. Perform PL-900 Practice Test

Should we even emphasize the requirement to brush up on your expertise with PL-900 practice tests? These are the essential preparation resources created in the actual exam structure. By practicing with authentic practice exams, you acquire yourself with the exam environment, structure, and question types and find out your knowledge gaps. Furthermore, attempting reliable and updated Microsoft PL-900 practice tests forms a solid basis for enhancing your memorization skills. Ultimately, you become motivated to ace the real exam.

Why Pass Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 Exam?

Suppose you’re a student, business user, or beginning technical professional. In that case, this certification can accelerate your progress and boost your career as you use your Microsoft Power Platform skills to enhance your team’s productivity. Think of a fundamentals certification as the first step in increasing your skill set and moving forward to other certifications, like Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant.

Is the Microsoft PL-900 Certification Worth It?

Passing the Microsoft PL-900 exam will confirm you can:

  • Explain the business worth of the Power Platform
  • Identify the core components of the Power Platform
  • Prove the capabilities of Power BI
  • Explain the capabilities of Power Apps
  • Prove the abilities of Power Automate
  • Prove the business value of Power Virtual Agents


While some aren’t aware of the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 exam, forward-thinking individuals are already relishing its perks. And you could be missing a lot if you haven’t disturbed to review what this platform is all about. If you are inspired to get started, use our tips to crack the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 exam and bring out the great value of this certification.