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How to Be Well-Prepared for ISC2 CAP Exam

Suppose you work in IT security and wish to work for the federal government or the United States military in some breadth. In that case, you may want to consider the Certified Authorization Professional certification. ISC2 CAP certification focuses on the risk management framework vital for federal government employees and contractors. The seven security domains for CAP certification are:

  • Domain 1: Information Security Risk Management Program
  • Domain 2: Scope of the Information System
  • Domain 3: Selection and Approval of Security and Privacy Controls
  • Domain 4: Implementation of Security and Privacy Controls
  • Domain 5: Assessment/Audit of Security and Privacy Controls
  • Domain 6: Authorization/Approval of Information System
  • Domain 7: Continuous Monitoring

Achieving the ISC2 CAP certification is an authentic way to establish your career and prove your expertise across the risk management framework (RMF).

CAP is the only certification beneath the DoD8570 mandate that ally with each RMF step. It proves organizations have the advanced technical skills and knowledge to authorize and maintain information systems within the RMF utilizing best practices, policies, and techniques established by the cybersecurity experts at ISC2.

ISC2 CAP Exam Preparation Tips

if you commit the proper amount of time and focus on the preparation, passing the ISC2 CAP exam is not as difficult as it seems. This article describes essential tips to help you pass the ISC2 CAP exam.

1. Create and Stick To a Study Plan

The significance of time management and planning can’t be denied in CAP certification exam preparation. You need to carry out your exam preparation competently for the examination.

Generally, four to five months of preparation is sufficient to prepare you for the ISC2 CAP exam. Therefore, you can plan the complete syllabus per this time limit and execute your exam prep per your daily routine.

2. Understand the ISC2 CAP Exam Syllabus

The ISC2 CAP exam Content Outline is offered by ISC2 itself on the official website. It comprises thorough information on all the study resources and domains you must learn to pass the exam with a flying score. The official website also contains information about the knowledge and skills needed to pass the ISC2 CAP exam.

3. Study From More than One Reference Material

Plenty of resources are available in different formats for the CAP exam preparation. Keep in mind that studying from more than one study material is always productive. It can even be helpful on your part as you get to see the same thing from different angles.

4. Take ISC2 CAP Practice Test

The ISC2 CAP exam has 125 questions, and you are given three hours to answer all of them. That’s 180 minutes to cover 120 questions, providing you precisely 1.5 or 90 seconds each. The exam-takers measure their preparation level and how well they have understood the exam topics through practice tests. If you give the exam without performing CAP practice tests, your chances of failing the exam improves.

Taking the CAP practice tests can enhance your knowledge and skills. Practice tests will give you an opinion about the flow of the actual exam, and you’ll be able to learn to manage your time wisely.

5. Interact with Other Exam-Takers

There are several online communities out there relating to ISC2 CAP certification. Online communities and study forums are excellent places to get doubts solved, seek help, share experiences, and so on. Plus, there will undoubtedly be a couple of folks out there who’d be ready to point you to additional resources that you’d have otherwise ignored or share tips to make your preparation more straightforward.

6. Relax

After following your study plan and learning the exam topics in detail, do not worry as the exam date approaches. Staying calm and composed will help you not to go blank out.

Remember that it is OK not to have answers to all of the ISC2 CAP exam questions as you get down to ace the exam. Sometimes you encounter a question you don’t know about, and don’t let it make you into a frenzy. Skip them and concentrate on the next question. Time management during exam time is essential; do not spend too much time on difficult questions.


Passing the ISC2 CAP exam on your first attempt is not easy. However, if you select the right study resources and assign enough time and effort to study and attempt CAP practice tests, you will pass the exam with a flying score.