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CISSP Practice Exam: Aim High and Be A “Fabulous” Exam-Taker

CISSP, which is an abbreviation of Certified Information Systems Security Professional, is a complete and vendor-neutral certification that evaluates an IT professional’s hands-on skills and expertise in operating enterprise infosec programs. This article focuses on the CISSP certification exam details, exam costs, how to prepare for the exam, how the CISSP practice exam can benefit you, and much more.

What Is a CISSP Certification?

The CISSP certification was introduced in 1994 by the ISC2 (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium). It is a vendor-neutral, globally accepted certification that confirms an IT security professional’s technical skill and practical proficiency in devising and managing security programs in an enterprise environment.

CISSP certification is somewhat that most professionals in the IT security field want to achieve. Moreover, organizations that are looking to fill vacant positions in their cybersecurity field are looking for applicants who have already achieved this certificate as they are confident about their skills to get through the exam with a good score.

CISSP Exam Information

The CISSP exam comprises the eight security domains in a four-hour exam consisting of 125 to 175 questions. The CISSP exam questions are in multiple-choice questions and advanced innovative items format. Exam-takers must earn 700 out of 1,000 to pass. Applicants register to take the exam with Pearson VUE. The CISSP certification exam cost is $749.

CISSP Exam Domains

  1. Security and Risk Management (15%)
  2. Asset Security (10%)
  3. Security Architecture and Engineering (13%)
  4. Communication and Network Security (13%)
  5. Identity and Access Management (IAM) (13%)
  6. Security Assessment and Testing (12%)
  7. Security Operations (13%)
  8. Software Development Security (11%)

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Basic Tips for Passing the ISC2 CISSP Exam 

You must follow the following advice to get through the ISC2 CISSP exam on your first attempt. While studying for the CISSP exam, follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • Be clear in your mind about why you want to achieve the ISC2 CISSP certification.
  • Meet the CISSP prerequisites.
  • Read over the CISSP syllabus thoroughly.
  • Learn from multiple resources. Don’t depend on one study material only.
  • Enroll in an online training course and obtain a study guide.
  • Take the CISSP practice exam once after studying all the syllabus topics.
  • Actively participate in an online community or groups.
  • Master all the concepts by working on your weak areas.
  • Set aside time for learning.
  • Practice the judgment or scenario-based questions.
  • Prepare a study plan that you’ll follow throughout the exam preparation journey.

The Benefits Of Taking the CISSP Practice Exam

There are many benefits to taking the CISSP practice exam. As referred by many professionals who have passed this exam, taking practice exams is one of the most powerful methods to get ready for this important exam.

Performing the CISSP Practice Exam Motivates Yourself

Taking the CISSP practice exam makes you more confident about your learning and exam-taking skills. Being acquainted with the exam pattern and timing, you can better learn how to deal with the exam questions.

Provide Immediate Result

The best feature of online practice exams is getting an immediate result, saving valuable time. Candidates can review their practice test results and identify strong and weak areas. So this allows the candidates to learn from their mistakes and further work on weak areas.

CISSP Practice Exam helps You Learn from Your Mistakes

Precisely because you can assess the practice exam result, you’ll be able to enhance your correct answers and understand your mistakes. You get to gauge your level of preparation, which in turn helps you learn better.

It Helps You Beat Exam Anxiety

Analyses have revealed that taking practice tests can considerably shed exam anxiety. Because of regularly attempting the CISSP practice exam, no amazement will come on your exam day. You know what to expect, preparing you to deal with exam questions and pass it on the first try!

Improves Time Management Skills

The CISSP Practice exam also helps you manage your time better. Time management is an important skill tested in the ISC2 exams, and it can put up or shut up your score regardless of your intelligence. Though having studied hard and mastered all the CISSP syllabus topics, many exam-takers could do well if they managed their time. Thus taking up practice exams is a must!

CISSP Practice Exam Helps with Revision.

CISSP exam preparation continues for four to five months commonly. It is normal to forget the information you did not read in a long time. But practice exams do not let that happen. Solving a CISSP practice exam every day keeps your memory of those early concepts fresh and integral. By doing so, you remember what you studied a few weeks ago. This is because solving a practice exam involves simultaneously answering questions from all the CISSP syllabus topics.


Online CISSP practice exam saves time and money, and it is much more affordable and accessible than PDF files. If you take up the online exam from home, you can save on travel costs.


Follow the above tips, take the CISSP practice exam and give your best shot on the exam to perform well and get an outstanding score. All the Best!!