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CIS-APM | Application Portfolio Management Exam: How to Pass It?

Here are the practical tips and practice test resources to help you earn a CIS-APM, ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Application Portfolio Management certification. 

What Does the CIS-APM Exam Prove?

The CIS-APM or the Certified Implementation Specialist – Application Portfolio Management exam proves that a successful aspirant possesses the skills and essential knowledge to work regarding the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management application. It also includes associated portals, reports, and integrations with other applications. 

Who Are the Target Audiences for the CIS-APM Exam?

The CIS-APM, ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Application Portfolio Management certification exam is available to ServiceNow employees, customers, partners, and others interested in becoming a ServiceNow APM Implementer. To pass the CIS-APM exam on your first attempt, you must rely primarily on the official study materials and 

What Experience Is Helpful in Getting the CIS-APM Certification?

  • Having the following qualities could help earn the CIS-APM certification.
  • General knowledge of industry acronyms, terminology, and initialisms.
  • Six months of field experience participating in ServiceNow deployment projects or maintaining ServiceNow instances. Taking part in at least two ServiceNow deployment projects.

What Are the Training Courses As Prerequisite?

ServiceNow guides the aspirants to complete one of the following prerequisite training course(s) in preparation for the ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Application Portfolio Management exam. These are as follows-

  • Welcome to ServiceNow 
  • ServiceNow Administration Fundamentals
  • ServiceNow Get Started with Now Create
  • ServiceNow Platform Implementation Required ServiceNow 

What Domains Are Covered Under the CIS-APM Exam?

If you want to take the ServiceNow CIS-APM exam, you might have a clear idea about the syllabus domains. The ServiceNow CIS-APM exam deals with Application portfolio management topics-

Following are some of the topics-

  • ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management Overview
  • Technology Portfolio Management 
  • The Value of Advanced Rationalization
  • The Features of APM and Who Benefits
  • Reporting on portfolios
  • ServiceNow Application Portfolio Management best practices

What Is the CIS-APM Exam Structure?

The ServiceNow CIS-APM exam is a 30 questions-long exam, where you will be facing multiple-choice and multiple-select type questions and answers. You must deal with different syllabus domains to score high in the exam. You can check out the pass or fail status immediately after completing the exam.

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How to Get Ready for the CIS-APM Exam?

Understand the ServiceNow Platform:

Exploring the ServiceNow Platform and its capabilities is highly essential to pass the CIS-APM exam. The best method to prepare for the exam is to enroll for the prerequisite training and then go through the syllabus domains. Following books or learning online can be done to get ready for the exam. But, for ultimate success, one must understand the ServiceNow Platform and its operations.

Go through the Exam Content Outline:

The exam content outline guides you about all the syllabus domains you must cover for the CIS-APM exam preparation. To attempt a maximum number of questions in the exam hall, you must grasp the domains from the core. Improve your preparation with writing habits and making short notes.

Stay Familiar With the Exam Structure:

This might seem a very simple task, but staying familiar with the exam structure helps your brain to act effectively on exam day. The CIS-APM exam has both multiple-choice and multiple-response questions. Therefore, read carefully before you attempt any question.

Take the Help of Study Aids like Practice Tests:

Practice tests are one of the best resources to aid your preparation. The best benefits of using practice tests are that it helps you check your preparation level and your time management skills to face a multiple-choice exam get better with practice tests. Moreover, the insights you get from the result section help in pointing out your strengths and weaknesses regarding the syllabus domains.

Who Are Implementation Specialists?

With the CIS-APM exam, you will be working as Implementation Specialist. Implementation specialists are IT professionals who help clients customize purchased software systems to satisfy their precise needs. They help in installing the software systems and educate clients on using the software to its fullest potential.

What Education Is Needed to Take the Implementation Specialist Career?

An aspirant must have specialized educational skills to appear for the CIS-APM exam. Bachelor’s degree in IT or science field is needed to work better.

What Could Be Your Possible Job Roles As an Implementation Specialist?

As an implementation specialist, you need to be in regular contact with clients and assist them in answering their questions. This means that apart from your sound technical knowledge, you must possess great interpersonal skills. The Implementation Specialist should be collaborative in working within a team.

Bottom Line:

ServiceNow certifications are valued worldwide, and the demand for Implementation Specialists is also high. Therefore, get the CIS-APM certification to explore different career opportunities.