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CIS-HAM:  Do Practice Tests Help Acing the ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management Exam?

Do you aspire to become CIS-HAM, ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Hardware Asset Management? Learn, how to prepare and ace the CIS-HAM exam successfully through this blog.

Overview of the CIS-HAM Certification:

The CIS-HAM or ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Hardware Asset Management exam validates that a successful candidate possesses the skills and essential knowledge to contribute to the configuration, implementation, and maintenance phases of the ServiceNow ITSM Asset Management and ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management applications.

Who Should Take the CIS-HAM Exam?

The CIS_HAM, ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Hardware Asset Management certification, is suitable for the following individuals. ServiceNow partners, customers, and employees could highly benefit from the CIS-HAM certification.

What Experience Would Help You Take the CIS-HAM Exam?

Following are the experiences that will help you pass the CIS-HAM exam-

  • Six months of field experience working in ServiceNow deployment projects or maintaining ServiceNow instances.
  • General knowledge of industry terminology, acronyms, and initialisms.
  • Working on at least two ServiceNow deployment projects, specifically ITSM Asset Management and Hardware Asset Management (HAM) is helpful.

How to Prepare for the CIS_HAM Exam?

Preparing for the certification exam can be a challenging task, but with the proper approach and mindset, you can ensure success.

Understand the CIS-HAM Exam format:

Before you start studying, ensure you understand the CIS-HAM exam format and what topics will be covered. This will help in focusing your studies and ensure that you are prepared for the exam.

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Set A study schedule:

Making a CIS-HAM study schedule will help you stay on track and ensure that you have enough time to cover all the material. Make sure to set aside enough time each day to study and stick to your schedule.

Use Books or Online Resources for CIS-HAM Syllabus Completion:

To succeed in any exam, you must be assured of the syllabus domains and should have sound knowledge according to the priority distribution. Therefore, study hard and grasp the syllabus.

Are Practice Tests Helpful?

Taking CIS-HAM practice tests will help you identify the syllabus domains that need more attention. It will also help you to have a real exam experience and earn better scores through continuous practice and attempts.

Get Hands-On Experience:

Hands-on experience is crucial for your boosting your knowledge, and it ensures that you have knowledge about the ServiceNow Platform.

Stay Organized:

If you are keen to ace the CIS-HAM exam on your first attempt, keeping track of your important dates, materials, and goals will help. Therefore, set some daily goals and accomplish them without fail for successful grasping of the syllabus domains.

Stay Positive:

Yes, it might feel difficult at some point in your preparation, but believe in yourself and your abilities. Stay positive and remind yourself that you have put in the effort and are ready now to ace the exam.

Get Enough Sleep:

Studying hard for the CIS-HAM exam is essential, but do not compromise your sleep. A well-rested mind can learn well and can perform better during the exam.

Career Benefits with the ServiceNow CIS-HAM Certification:

ServiceNow is a popular platform for IT service management and IT operations management. Obtaining a certification in ServiceNow can provide several benefits, including:

Increased Credibility:

Having a ServiceNow CIS-HAM demonstrates to employers and clients that you have a strong understanding of the platform and its capabilities. The CIS-HAM certification on your resume proves your credibility of Hardware Asset Management and the overall syllabus domains.

Career Advancement:

Many organizations prefer to hire certified professionals for ServiceNow-related roles. When you are skilled with the CIS-HAM terminologies and functionalities, it can open up new job opportunities and advancement opportunities within your current organization or for any new job.

Increased Earning Potential:

ServiceNow-certified professionals often command higher salaries than non-certified individuals. Therefore, grab the certification to make salary negotiations easy.

Improved Job Performance:

Through the certification process, you will have a deeper understanding of the platform, which can lead to better performance in your current role and an improved ability to deliver value to your organization. You will be learning practical management of IT assets through certification preparation, which will help in future practical implementations.

Learning and Knowledge Sharing:

ServiceNow certifications also provide access to other certified professionals who can share their experiences and skills, which can help you improve your own knowledge and expertise. With the CIS-HAM badge, you can connect more professionals and improve your career prospects.

Concluding Thoughts:

Overall, obtaining a ServiceNow certification can provide many benefits that can help you advance your career and deliver more value to your organization. Therefore, explore more about the real CIS-HAM exam structure with practice tests and maximize your success rate.