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SPC SAFe Program Consultant Certification: Learn More about Your Roles and Responsibilities

What work will you be doing as SAFe Program Consultant? Explore the beneficial SPC exam passing tips with practice tests and career guidance in this blog.

What is SAFe Program Consultant Certification (SPC)?

SAFe Program Consultant Certification (SPCs) is a certification offered by Scaled Agile. Implementing SAFe will allow you to lead a Lean-Agile transformation by leveraging the practices & methods of the Scaled Agile Framework & will offer you the knowledge to design Agile Release Trains. Getting SAFe training will equip the aspirant with skills and tools to coach teams and good knowledge of all different roles in SAFe.

What Skills Do You Earn by the SAFe Program Consultant Certification?

Expedite your SAFe adoption & prove your value as an Agile coach by training others. Once you earn the SPC certification successfully, you can teach a number of different courses after enablement ex, Leading SAFe, SASM, SAFe LPM & SAFe APM, etc. You can perform the following tasks-

  • Apply the principles & practices of SAFe effectively.
  • Apply seven core competencies to earn business agility.
  • Coach teams & coach SAFe transformations.
  • Identify value streams.
  • Determinate and launch ARTs.
  • Manage and Build an Agile portfolio.

Who Should Attend the SAFe SPC Certification?

The SAFe (SPC) certification benefits anyone responsible for Agile adoption who can set the vision, show the way, and remove impediments. Such attendees typically include:

  • Leaders & Process Leads.
  • Enterprise, System, and Solution Architects.
  • Anyone responsible for implementing Agile programs as part of an enterprise Lean-Agile change initiative.
  • Internal change agents.
  • Services Consultants & Coaches.
  • Portfolio Managers & Program Management Office (PMO).
  • Portfolio Managers, IT Managers & Program Managers.

Preparation Tips to Pass the SAFe Program Consultant Certification:

Go through the Syllabus Contents:

Covering the syllabus domains becomes the first task if you want to earn success in any exam. Therefore, chalk out the syllabus topics and start learning them from the core for better results.

Follow A Schedule for Easy Completion of the Tasks:

If you make a routine, preparation becomes smoother, by following it. Therefore, set your routine at the beginning, and follow it with devotion for optimal results.

Take SAFe Program Consultant Practice Tests:

Knowing the exam structure helps attempt a maximum number of questions and time management. Therefore, take SAFe Program Consultant practice test exams and get valuable insights regarding your preparation for a better score.

Who Are SAFe SPCs?

SPCs are Certified SAFe Program Consultants and change agents who blend their technical knowledge of SAFe with an intrinsic motivation to boost the company’s software and systems development operations. They play a major role in successfully implementing SAFe. SPCs can come from different job roles, including business and technology leaders, portfolio/program/project managers, analysts, process leads, architects, and consultants.

Why There Is A Need for SAFe Program Consultant?

Big organizational changes will be able to prove them successful if they possess a clear vision for the future and if there is greater support coming from within. If sufficient people are involved and ready to work collaboratively, according to the SAFe principles, SAFe implementation will be highly successful. The SPC or SAFe Program Consultant takes the lead in this transformation. As an SPC SAFe Program Consultant, you are responsible for setting up the new organization. You train teams in the SAFe framework and help colleagues find new roles.

What Are Your Specific Job Roles As An SPC?

SPCs, and SAFe Program consultants, are associated with many works. Specifically, they assist with the following: 

Reaching the Tipping Point:

SAFe Program Consultants communicate the business demands, urgency, and vision for change. 

Training Executives, Managers, and Leaders:

The SAFe Program consultants socialize the new concepts and offer orientation and overview training. SPCs teach Leading SAFe and promote the Leading in the Digital Age series modules for leaders, managers, and stakeholders. 

Developing A Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE): 

SPCs aid the LACE with building and executing the transformation backlog. 

Check Out the Value Streams and Agile Release Trains (ARTs): 

The SAFe Program consultants work with stakeholders to understand the flow of value. SPCs promote the identification of Operational Value Streams to select the most opportunistic for launch. 

The SAFe Program Consultants Make the Implementation Plan:

SPCs create and communicate upcoming changes, a plan for the rollout, and establish metrics. 

They Prepare for the ART Launch: 

SPCs help the LACE plan and prepare for the ART launch. They coach leadership and aid in facilitating the creation of new Agile Teams. They also train or source training of executives, leaders, Agile teams, and specialty roles such as Product Owner, Product Manager, Release Train Engineer (RTE), and Scrum Master. The SAFe Program consultants also assess and evolve launch and backlog readiness. 

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Train the Teams and Launch the ART:

SPCs often directly plan and execute ‘quickstart’ or other rollout methodologies. They train or source training for teams and take part in initial, critical events like Program Increment Planning and Inspect and Adapt. SPCs help establish the ART launch date and calendar for ART and Team events. 

Coaching ART Execution:

The SPCs coach leaders and stakeholders to create and Roadmap and maintain the Vision and Program Backlogs. They coach teams, Product Owners, Product Managers, Architects, and RTEs. 

Concluding Thoughts:

The SPCs guide the shift from project to the product with a focus on customer satisfaction with a focus on Agile Project Delivery. They also participate in Scrum of Scrums and System Demo, facilitating I&A and following up on improvement items. As a whole SAFe Program Consultants, help the organization maintain their roles with SAFe. Therefore, grab the SPC certification and make a beneficial career move.