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Learning Resources for Microsoft DP-900 Certification Exam Preparation

The Microsoft DP-900 certification offers a chance to showcase expertise in fundamental data concepts and relevant data services provided by Microsoft Azure. This certification is designed for individuals who are new to working with data in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure DP-900 Certification Exam Info

Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 certification exam for the Microsoft Azure Data Platform confirms that candidates possess a strong grasp of fundamental data concepts required to build cloud applications on Microsoft Azure that are both reliable and scalable. Candidates are expected to comprehend the distinctions between relational and non-relational data, as well as various types of database systems.

Microsoft DP-900 Exam Details

  • Exam Name: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals
  • Number of Questions: 40 – 60 Questions
  • Exam Type: Multiple Choice Examination
  • Exam Cost: $99
  • Exam Languages: English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

This exam tests your skills and knowledge of the following topics

  • Describe core data concepts (25-30%)
  • Identify considerations for relational data on Azure (20-25%)
  • Describe relations for working with non-relational data on Azure (15-20%)
  • Describe an analytics workload on Azure (25-30%)

How to Get Ready to Ace the Microsoft Azure DP-900 exam?

The DP-900 certification exam for the Microsoft Azure Data Platform evaluates your capacity to create an efficient plan for deploying and managing a data platform, as well as your familiarity with the latest Microsoft Azure solutions. Based on the exam syllabus and approach, it can be inferred that obtaining the certification will require effort and a well-planned strategy.

Having thorough preparation increases your likelihood of success. Access to reliable learning resources is crucial in achieving this. To simplify your task, we have curated a list of resources you can utilize to confidently prepare for the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam.

Learning Resources for Microsoft DP-900 Certification

The exam can present a significant challenge, and it’s understandable if you feel daunted by the extensive amount of material to study. Although it’s impossible to learn everything, some resource experts can assist exam-takers in passing the exam. Take a look at them here!

1. Microsoft Learning Platform

The Microsoft Learning Platform is a versatile educational setting that offers the necessary materials for you to study at your convenience. Whether you prefer excellent in-person classes, online courses that can be accessed anytime, or the chance to communicate virtually with an Azure business specialist, the Microsoft Learning Platform has it all. It’s the ideal location to research and discover various certification and training opportunities. You can select from a variety of on-demand courses and virtual workshops or enroll in a nearby class.

2. Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft Documentation is a comprehensive source of information that’s categorized into courses and lessons. The courses cover various topics related to Microsoft technologies and products, and several sub-categories include programming information, tutorials, examples, and guides. The learning resources and references provided are trustworthy and can help you kick-start any programming project, cloud gaming, or website platform. If you also refer to the Microsoft Azure DP-900 tutorial, it will further enhance your learning experience.

3. Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-Led training has remained a prevalent mode of education delivery. These courses encourage active participation and engagement between the learners and the trainers. You can receive prompt answers to all your queries from experienced instructors with a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields. Their expertise will help you better understand the course content. Visit the official website for additional information.

4. DP-900 Books

Undoubtedly, books are the foundation of all the knowledge and wisdom one acquires. They provide insights into subjects that might otherwise remain obscure. However, with so many books available today, it can be challenging to discern which ones will be helpful. The solution is to select the most effective tools (books) for learning, as they are not only advantageous but also convenient to carry around.

 5. Evaluate yourself with DP-900 Practice Tests

The simplest way to assess your level of proficiency in each subject is by taking practice tests. This method can help you identify the areas you need to review before the actual test. These practice papers are designed by incorporating questions similar to those asked in the actual exam. Consequently, each practice test will provide you with more experience, allowing you to face the exam confidently and pass it easily. Check out the free DP-900 sample questions!


There is no better way to prepare for your Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 exam than using the right resources to study. But remember, exam preparation goes beyond having the right study resources; you also have to create a plan to use while studying. The other helpful thing is a commitment to your revision from day one to the last day of your exam. So use these best web resources, check your knowledge using the practice tests provided by edusum, pass your certification exam, and attain your Microsoft Certified – Azure Data Fundamentals certification on your first try. All the Best!