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From Basics to Expert: HCIA-Collaboration Certification

Becoming proficient in video conferencing hinges on securing the HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 certification. This credential goes beyond theory, offering practical expertise in video conferencing technologies and the management of intricate video systems. Discover what’s essential and why this certification stands out for aspiring video conferencing engineers.

Mastering Video Conferencing Technologies

Achieving HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 certification ensures a thorough understanding of diverse video conferencing technologies. This encompasses detailed knowledge of various protocols and endpoint functionalities. Additionally, hands-on training in operational and maintenance tasks prepares you to effectively manage and optimize these systems for seamless operation.

Key Features of IdeaHub and MCU Products

An essential component of this certification involves mastering the features of IdeaHub, an advanced collaboration tool that consolidates multiple functions into a unified platform. Learning to operate and maintain IdeaHub enhances your value in technology-driven environments.

Equally critical are the features of MCUs (Multipoint Control Units), which are fundamental to multi-party video conferencing. This certification ensures comprehensive understanding and proficiency in both the theoretical knowledge and practical application of MCUs, crucial for effective management in real-world scenarios.

SMC and Recording Product Expertise

The HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 certification encompasses comprehensive training on SMC (System Management Control) product features, crucial for overseeing large-scale video conferencing systems. You’ll gain proficiency in operating and maintaining SMCs, essential skills in managing complex technological environments.

Additionally, the certification covers recording products, equipping you with the knowledge to record and stream video conferences effectively. This capability is essential in modern digital environments, enabling you to manage the entire lifecycle of video conferences—from planning and execution to recording and distribution.

Target Audience

This certification is ideal for.

  • Aspiring video conferencing associates seeking skill enhancement.
  • Professionals pursuing the HCIA-VC certificate to advance their careers.


Before pursuing this certification, candidates should have.

  • A foundational knowledge of PC operating systems.
  • A basic understanding of computer technology.

Exam Details of the HCIA-Collaboration Certification

Here’s a quick rundown of the exam details.

  • Exam Name: Huawei Certified ICT Associate – Collaboration
  • Exam Code: H11-851
  • Exam Price: $200 (USD)
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Passing Score: 600/1000

HCIA-Collaboration Certification Exam Syllabus Topics

The exam covers various topics, each with a specific weight.

  • Video Conferencing Technologies and Products Overview: 13%
  • Basics and Applications of Video Conferencing Protocols: 18%
  • Video Conferencing Endpoint Products and O&M: 14%
  • IdeaHub Products and O&M: 20%
  • MCU Products and Features: 12%
  • SMC Products and Features: 18%
  • Recording & Streaming Products and Features: 5%

Study Tips for the HCIA-Collaboration Certification

Here are some effective study tips tailored for preparing for the HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 certification.

  • Master the Basics: Ensure you have a strong grasp of PC operating systems and fundamental computer technology concepts. This foundation will facilitate understanding more advanced topics.
  • Hands-On Experience: Beyond theoretical knowledge, actively engage with video conferencing technologies. Set up and participate in video conferences, explore various protocols, and practice operational and maintenance tasks to build practical skills.
  • Utilize Study Guides: Invest in comprehensive study guides specifically designed for the HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 certification. These resources typically include exam-style practice questions that can help you familiarize yourself with the exam structure and content.
  • Join Study Groups: Collaborate with peers who are also preparing for the certification. Study groups provide a supportive environment where you can discuss concepts, clarify doubts, and stay motivated throughout your preparation journey.
  • Take Practice Exams: Regularly take practice exams to assess your knowledge and identify areas that require further study. Practice exams simulate the real exam experience and help you gauge your readiness.

By following these study tips, you can effectively prepare for the HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 certification and enhance your proficiency in video conferencing technologies.

Benefits of the HCIA-Collaboration Certification

  • Enhanced Skill Set: Gain practical expertise in video conferencing technologies, including operational and maintenance tasks, making you a valuable asset in tech-savvy environments.
  • Career Advancement: Certification can lead to new job opportunities and career progression, demonstrating your proficiency and dedication in video conferencing.
  • Industry Recognition: Being certified by Huawei, a leader in ICT solutions, enhances your professional credibility and validates your skills in the industry.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge: The certification covers diverse aspects of video conferencing, ensuring you have a thorough understanding of protocols, endpoint features, SMC management, and more.
  • Increased Confidence: Successfully earning the HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 certification boosts your self-assurance in handling complex video conferencing projects and responsibilities, paving the way for greater challenges and achievements.


Earning the HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 certification prepares you for success in the dynamic realm of video conferencing. It ensures you possess the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively manage and maintain video conferencing systems. Whether you aim to advance in your current role or transition into a new career focused on video conferencing, this certification marks a significant stride forward in achieving your professional goals.


1. How long does it take to prepare for the HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 exam?

Preparation time can vary depending on your background and familiarity with the topics. On average, candidates spend 3 to 6 months studying for the exam.

2. Are there any official study materials available for the exam?

Yes, Huawei provides official study materials, including guides and practice exams, to help you prepare.

3. What is the best way to get hands-on experience with video conferencing technologies?

Setting up your own video conferences and experimenting with different tools and protocols is a great way to gain practical experience. Additionally, working on real-world projects or internships can provide valuable hands-on experience.

4. Can I retake the exam if I don’t pass on the first try?

Yes, you can retake the exam if you do not pass. Be sure to review the areas where you struggled and focus on those topics during your next round of studying.

5. How often is the HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 exam updated?

Huawei periodically updates the exam to reflect new technologies and industry trends. It’s important to stay updated with any changes to the exam syllabus.

6. What career opportunities are available after earning the HCIA-Collaboration V3.0 certification?

This certification can open doors to roles such as Video Conferencing Engineer, IT Support Specialist, and Network Administrator, among others. It also enhances your qualifications for advanced certifications and specialized roles in video conferencing and collaboration technology.