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1Z0-996-21: Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service 2021 Implementation Essentials| How to Pass the Exam?

Here is the solution to get your Oracle 1Z0-996-21 certification. You can discover the study guide and practice test and combine it to get your certification success.

Overview of the 1Z0-996-21 Certified Specialist:

If you are an Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist, the 1Z0-996-21 certified candidate, you can demonstrate the knowledge needed to implement and configure different services. These services include managing rates and payments, billing, managing customer information and financial transactions, monitoring overdue debt, measurements, devices & measuring components,  VEE, Usage, Operational Device Management, Fieldwork, and Service Order Management. A candidate needs to Oracle training and study hard to pass the exam.

Details of the 1Z0-996-21 Exam:

The 1Z0-996-21 exam is of OCS level and 90 minutes long and comprises 60 questions, and you should get a 68% mark to pass the exam. The examination comes up with multiple-choice and scenario-based questions.

What Should be Your Study Strategy to Pass the 1Z0-996-21 Exam?

Select Your Study Place and Get All Your Materials Ready:

Get your textbooks and materials ready in one place. Choose a room or place which is full of light and well ventilated. Sitting in an airy room would keep you energized. If your study materials are ready in one place, you won’t become puzzled and will be able to use your study time effectively.

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Have the focus on having distraction-free study time. If you are entirely devoted and study for fewer hours, it won’t create any issues, and you will still learn well. Don’t change your study place regularly, because it can divert your mind from studying to focusing on other topics.

Cover the Entire 1Z0-996-21 Syllabus Topics:

A candidate may select his study space, make schedules, and do more interesting things to make his preparation better. But, if you don’t cover the syllabus, that might affect your overall performance in the exam hall. If you are keen to answer maximum questions in the exam hall, undoubtedly you should cover every aspect of the syllabus.

Schedule Well Your Preparation:

If you make a schedule covering the syllabus becomes easier. As the Oracle 1Z0-996-21 syllabus topics are not percentage-based, you might plan a schedule depending on the number of sub-topics and topics length. Have a target of covering at least three topics a day and stick to the plan.

Have Ample Time to Get Ready for the 1Z0-996-21 Exam:

If you make a schedule, focus, and follow it, don’t leave covering the syllabus until the last moment. While some candidates seem to focus on last-minute preparation, it is proven that the method is not acceptable as it creates multiple hassles. You must be better with time management if you are keen to crack any IT exam. The 1Z0-996-21 exam being an associate-level, certainly needs more attention. Therefore, take at least two months to get ready and do your preparation in a hassle-free manner.

Take Regular Breaks During 1Z0-996-21 Preparation:

Many aspirants think it is great to study for as many hours as possible, but this can be the reverse actually. Many studies proved that taking a small break or walking in the fresh air could be much more productive while transitioning from one topic to another.

Every aspirant is different, so create a study routine that works for you. As an aspirant, you might be productive during the morning, early hours, or late-night, whatever time suits you the most, follow that and keep preparing. Don’t forget to take a break once you are tired.

Join the Oracle Training:

Take the Oracle Utilities Learning Subscription, and get the chance to learn from the experts. Self-paced or classroom training, whatever suits you, go for it and increase your success potential.

Self Assessment Is the Need of the Hour:

What is your preparation level, you must continuously check it through taking an online 1Z0-996-21 practice test. Through rigorous practice tests, you can get valuable insights into your preparation level and take a step to further improve some of the topics.

Learn More about Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service:

Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service is a solution that combines service order, metering, billing, customer care, and credit and collections. The solution is made to work for utilities of all sizes. It aids one to many utility service types and handles the complexities linked with a utility’s process.

Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service (CCS) provides the possibilities of utility meter-to-cash solutions with the agility, scale, simplicity, and security of the Oracle Cloud. CCS blends together market-leading customer care and metering offered as a cloud-optimized customer platform with expert cloud services post-go-live.

What Are the Advantages of Using Oracle CCS?

  • Use customer and meter data in one system of record to get deeper insights and service possibilities.
  • Allow your IT team to support innovation rather than system maintenance.
  • Offer data-enriched, modern experiences across channels.
  • Upgrade call center performance and streamline case management via the clear, intuitive user interface.
  • The solution helps customers on their terms with preference management.
  • The solution aids customers to self-serve for everyday activities such as payments and appointment setting, account management, start-stop transfer, all with real-time updates to CCS records.
  • Speed up the implementation to deliver CIS and MDM in months, not years.

Bottom Line:

There is a high demand for specialist-level certifications like the 1Z0-996-21 certification, as not many candidates are versed or skilled to reach the specialist level. Having the certification also confirms your ability to use Oracle CCS at work. Therefore earn the certification and increase your job chances.

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