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Take Your Career Beyond with CIW Certification

The CIW program is the world’s fastest-growing vendor-neutral Internet certification. The focus of this program is based on the Information Technology or IT industry, that is, web design, web security, networking, management of databases, and administration.

Why Should Obtain CIW Certification?

The distinctive feature of a CIW certification which puts it apart from all other IT certifications is that it presents comprehensive knowledge to an individual. Often, people spend many years dealing with only one aspect of the information technology world, for example, security. Such an individual will soon find his/her limited experience to be a stumbling block in moving up the ladder in his/her company. 

Advantages of Achieving CIW Certification

A CIW certificate will allow individuals to obtain the combined skillset which could comprise the advanced Internet-related software, networking, security and vulnerability concerns and other skills such as technical writing and project planning.

A CIW certification because of its global acknowledgment and acceptance enhances one’s competitive skills when applying for a job. Companies find it beneficial to hire individuals having this certification due to its standard syllabus and global recognition. They already know that the individual owns the skill sets he/she is seeking. By engaging certified professionals, businesses can also avail hugely. 

If one is aspiring to change career entering into the IT field, the initial step would be to earn a Certified Internet Web Professional certification. This certificate has a global acceptance, and so gives the right platform for entry.

How to Obtain CIW Certification?

You would need to study the syllabus topics of respective exam before you sit for the CIW certification exam. Depending on your present employment situation, several options are accessible to you. You may prefer any of the following:

Self-study Method:

These allow individuals to learn at their own speed. Hence this is perfectly appropriate for those who are very busy with their work and do not have enough time to join in a formal training program. On the other hand, this self-study method also allows individuals to sharpen their skills quickly and appear for an industry-standard certification examination.

E-Learning Programs:

With these programs, you can study from anywhere at any time and present tutorials, review questions, test papers, etc. As these programs are interactive in nature, many individuals like this option.

Mock Tests:

Mock tests can be personalized to suit the requirements of each individual. As they give an environment similar to the actual exam, it helps applicants prepare better for the exam.

CIW Certification Path

To obtain a better and ambitious job, you should acquire some level of IT skills. CIW qualifies one to fit in this cutting-edge workplace. It equips you with analytical, technical, and business skills and to practice them competently.

You can undergo this certification path through some successive stages, mainly-associate, professional, or master. CIW presents four areas of specializations: Administrator, Enterprise Developer, Designer, and Website Manager. CIW certification path includes the following certifications like CIW Foundations, CIW Site Designer, CIW Server Administrator, CIW JavaScript Fundamentals, etc. The names of the certifications are listed below.

  • CIW Associates
  • CIW Associates Design Specialist Certification
  • CIW Professional Certification
  • Master CIW Designer Certification
  • CIW V5 Database Designer Specialist Certification
  • Fundamental knowledge of databases (oracle, IBM, DB2etc.)
  • Master CIW Administrator certification
  • Master CIW Enterprise Developer Certification
  • CIW Security Analyst Certification

All these certifications help you to own not only the fundamentals and basics of the internet but also the expected skills which are highly sought-after. The understanding of Internet technologies, network infrastructure, and use of XHTML are the primary things to be learned to enter into the field of internet professionals.

CIW Certification: Job Description and Salary

If you are also looking for a way to make your skills excel in your resumes on the desk of a future interviewer, then you might want to recognize a this certification.

There are quite a few CIW certifications out there that will measure your ability to design, code, and implement web pages and sites. Although many are designed for the beginner, there are also a few very advanced-level certifications that will promote you to the level of WebMaster.

Earning this certification considerably enhances one’s core skills and value in the information technology industry and is therefore extremely advisable for all those either working or aspiring to work in the IT industry.

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