A Comprehensive Look at the Value of Microsoft Certifications

It’s estimated that 1.2 billion people use Microsoft Office. But it requires specialized skills and training to obtain certifications. If you want your employees to strengthen their Microsoft workstream and performance, as well as become thoroughly prepared to train new employs, it’s necessary to help them get the education they require to earn certifications.

Microsoft has spent heavily on certification because it knows, from third-party and its research that the Microsoft certification process urges satisfaction, and increasing client satisfaction is a fundamental value for Microsoft. After a period of recession, the rate of certification increased significantly. Microsoft alone has experienced 24 percent growth over the last year, reflecting the growing acceptance and importance of certification in the learning process. For IT professionals, Microsoft training and accreditation ranks second as a satisfaction driver (after eLearning).

If not, it may be time for in-depth training before you test for certification. Whether you’re looking for an IT career or one in a business where you’ll need to know all about the Microsoft Office Suite. If you agree that your skills could use a refresh.

Significant Benefits to Microsoft Certifications

Technology Propels Business Success

Technology now influences more businesses in further ways than ever before. From SMBs to large enterprises, technology consistently sits at the center of the business approach. According to a recent survey by CompTIA, 80% of organizations indicate their IT skills gap affects at least one business area, such as staff productivity (41%), customer service/engagement (32%), and security (31%). Breaches in IT skills are possibly impeding organizations’ maximum utilization of technology and probably hampering business successes.

Most professionals in hiring positions already acknowledge that spending on staff training is normally a cheaper option than hiring new employees; after all, employees are a company’s most prized possession.

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Knowledge Itself is Power


Employee skill levels are straight responsible for how an organization works in several vital areas of IT. Seventy-five percent of managers consider that certifications are important to team performance.


Organizations with Microsoft Certified Professionals undergo lesser server downtimes and higher efficiency in the help-desk function, which more than paid for the direct and indirect costs relevant to certification.

Job Satisfaction

Individual: Job Security

  • 91% of hiring managers review certification as part of their hiring requirements.
  • Microsoft Certifications are rated have greatly high or high value in confirming the skills and expertise of job applicants by 64 percent of IT hiring managers.

Organization: Job Performance

  • Improve Team Productivity and Performance. Sixty-three percent of hiring managers say certified professionals are more efficient than their non-certified peers.
  • Strengthen IT staff. An employee that is a recognized MS certified subject matter expert (SME) is an essential source of skills and expertise to other employees. This resource improves team integrity and value. On average, 40 to 55% of top-performing teams have obtained Microsoft Certifications.

Competitive Benefit


All other things being identical, employers will choose an applicant with Microsoft certification over one who does not have. Many IT Managers agree that certifications prove that an IT professional is dedicated to their career. This is supported by CompTIA’s outcome with regards to hiring managers’ perceptions of certifications:

  • 59% of hiring managers said that it revealed an applicant’s dedication to a career in IT
  • Another 61% said that certifications prove subject matter expertise
  • While 58% think certifications evidence initiative.


Certifications matter to those businesses that demand certified employees for definite reasons, such as partnership requirements or to fulfill client requirements. Microsoft Certifications evoke a distinct competitive advantage in RFPs, contracts, and offers for your organization by giving industry recognition of company knowledge and expertise.

Increase IT Operations AND Increase ROI with Microsoft Certification


45% of employees firmly agree that when their organizations pay for exams, it states a strong incentive to stay in their jobs.

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Microsoft Certified employees are more confident and efficient. They know how to properly utilize technology for your business by generating more secure and practical solutions – saving time and eliminating risk to your organization.


Microsoft Certification acknowledges and validates real-world IT skills, supports the certified community by offering access to special resources, and provides a life-long career path of IT skills development.

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