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Important Facts about CompTIA Linux+ Certification

CompTIA Linux+ certification is one of the best certifications to start a career related to Linux. It is a vendor-neutral certification that is valued all over the world. The core purpose of this certification is to instill the most modern and broadly used concepts in the minds of the applicants. Those who obtain this CompTIA certification can get empowered to a number of advantages in the job industry. In fact, this certification is of a very technical and advanced level, which demands the applicant to have some sort of basic knowledge and expertise on which this certification will develop.

It is not incorrect that CompTIA Linux+ certification is a very popular certification which many people want to achieve. Most of the people who want to begin their career with Linux prefer this astonishing certification. However, most of them are not aware of some of the most remarkable secrets concerning to this certification. If you are also one of those who want to know these secrets, then you have come to the right place.

The following are the six secrets that everyone should know about the CompTIA Linux+ certification.

It is Powered by LPI

CompTIA Linux+ certification is powered by the Linux Professional Institute (LPI). This indicates that all of those who want to pursue their career in working with LPI; they have got an excellent opportunity in the form of this certification. LPI is the institute that powered the Linux systems, and those who earn certifications corresponding to them are greatly respected throughout the world. What most people are not aware of is that those who do the CompTIA Linux+ certification also achieve the LPIC-1 certification. LPIC-1 certification is designed for freshers provided by LPI; this indicates that the applicant can earn two different important certifications by just doing one!

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One more crucial facility in which this certification provides us the skill to send the official test scores to LPI. It is only at the discretion of the applicant to send these scores or not. However, if one gets excellent scores and wants to send them to LPI, he will relish a lot of benefits.

No Prerequisites

CompTIA recommends applicants to have at least six months of hands-on experience with Linux systems and CompTIA A+ or Network+ certifications. These are suggestions and not requirements.

Even though there are no prerequisites, this certification is not for an individual who hasn’t encountered a Linux system before. Networking, hardware, and basic administration experience help considerably in preparing for the exams.

If You Pass the Exam, You Cannot Take It Again

One of the essential things which you might not know about this certification is that you cannot retake this exam if you pass it once. Although you are allowed to retake the exam if you fail it, you are not allowed to retake it if you pass it. This indicates that if you want to pass Linux+ XK0-004 exam with excellent marks, you must put in all your hard work.

The Best Vendors Appreciate It

CompTIA Linux+ certification is a vendor-neutral certification that is admired by one of the best vendors in the world. This indicates that those who achieve this certification will be relevant to get jobs with the best vendors in the world. The vendors who valued and approved this certification and made it a vital requirement include the following:

  • IBM
  • Google
  • Boeing
  • U.S Department of Defense
  • Major Government contractors

It Provides Excellent Career Opportunities

Taking into account the great importance and respect of CompTIA Linux+ certification, it is reasonable to think that it would present you with great career opportunities. However, do you know what jobs you can get when you do this certification? The following are the jobs that you can get right away after obtaining this certification.

  • Junior Linux Administrator
  • Junior Network Administrator
  • Web Administrator
  • Linux Database Administrator
  • Systems Administrators

Not only will you get entitled to these unusual jobs after earning the CompTIA Linux+ certification, you will also receive quite high salaries and perks along with these jobs. This certification is the best way to advance your career.

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Skills You Will Master in the CompTIA Linux+ Certification

The Passing Score for CompTIA Linux+ Exam is Low

You are familiar with the fact that this certification is very sought-after, but do you know that it is quite challenging to acquire as well? Yes, not all of the people who opt for this certification can clear it. It has not been officially mentioned, but it has been determined that only 30 % of the people who go for this certification can pass it! This is a quite low passing rate. This means that if you opt for this certification, you will have to prepare thoroughly for it.

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