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CISA Certification | The Changing World Of Accounting

The CISA certification is the undisputed professional certification for IS audit, control, assurance, and/or security professionals who want to distinguish themselves apart from their colleagues. The CISA certification has been acknowledged as the internationally recognized accomplishment for those who manage, monitor, and evaluate an organization’s information technology and business systems.

Need of CISA:

Certified Information Systems Auditor are well equipped with the essential skills, understanding, and expertise to figure out and administer vulnerabilities, assess the compliance of processes, execute solutions to rectify any spotted risks, utilize control mechanisms and accordingly, enhance the value of an organization.

As we become more reliant on technology, the appropriate security of our data is more significant than ever been before. The requirement for enterprises to assess the procedures and policies they employ to secure their data will only remain to expand in the future. One of the basic criteria organizations look for when employing an IT Auditor is CISA certification. There are over 106,000 CISA certified professionals worldwide, at present.

How CISA Certification Can Benefit Your Career

Validates Your Expertise and Skill

Improved Confidence—The collaborative benefits that you acquire from having both accounting and CISA certification is an immense confidence boost. Certified Information Systems Auditor certification improves your value as an accountant in this constantly evolving, complicated, and opposing business environment.

Assesses and Promotes Your Skill

Proves that you have attained and retained the level of understanding essential to satisfy the ever-changing difficulties of a modern enterprise

It is internationally acknowledged as the mark of distinction for the IS audit professional.

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Overview of CISA Exam Structure:

The ISACA CISA exams are organized three times a year: in June, September, and December. The exam is considered to be tough examination and having four hours in length, comprises of 150 multiple choice questions, and employs the format of one correct answer per question.

The scoring is weighted based on predetermined value for each question with a 450 passing score out of the 800-point score. Some questions are strictly for statistical purposes and do not impact the applicant’s score.

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The Certified Information Systems Auditor certification is granted to applicants with at least five years of respective work experience who pass a CISA examination. ISACA specifies five CISA domains on which you will be examined:

  1. The Process of Auditing Information Systems
  2. Governance and Management of IT
  3. Information Systems Acquisition, Development, and Implementation
  4. Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management
  5. Protection of Information Assets

How to Register and Plan the CISA Exam

The CISA exam is offered via computer-based testing (CBT) sessions, which are available all year round. All applicants must first register online direct with ISACA and pay for the examination well in advance. They will then get email instructions on how to register an exam appointment at a local PSI exam center.

Continuing Professional Education

There is a continuing professional education (CPE) policy regarding qualified CISA professionals. The objective of this policy is to assure that all CISAs sustain an appropriate level of contemporary knowledge and expertise in the field of information systems audit, control, and security.

CISAs who efficiently adhere to the “continuing professional education policy will be better qualified to evaluate information systems and technology and ensure leadership and add value to their organizations.” The duty for setting the continuing professional education requirements falls with the CISA Certification Board, which monitors the method and conditions to guarantee their applicability.

CISA, CISA Certification Mock Test, CISA Online Test, CISA Practice Test, CISA Questions, CISA Quiz, CISA Study Guide, ISACA Certification, ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), ISACA CISA Certification, ISACA CISA Question Bank

Maintenance fees and at least 20 contact hours of CPE are expected annually. Moreover, a minimum of 120 contact hours are expected during a fixed three-year period.

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