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Capitalizing On Practice Tests For Triumphant MTA 98-349 Exam

If you’re an IT newcomer with limited work experience but highly ambitious, look no further! Pursue your career objectives with the help of an MTA certification or Microsoft Technology Associate certification with the Microsoft Windows Operating System Fundamentals 98-349 certification exam.

Microsoft is, without doubt, one of the best IT certification vendors at present. They have a profound depth of certification paths to decide from. So, earning Microsoft certification, whether for career advancement or career change, is a great idea!

MTA certification is quite the same as the basic level of the new Microsoft technical track. This is an important point to mention as many old certification exams will soon be retired in the nearer future and be replaced by technical exams.

But before that, let’s go back to Microsoft 98-349 exam and explore this MTA certification.

What are the requirements to sit for Microsoft 98-349 exam?

There are no official prerequisites to be eligible to opt for Microsoft 98-349 exam. Although this allows everyone to sit for this exam, it would not be easy to perform well and obtain even the passing score without having prior knowledge of Windows fundamentals. Microsoft has stated it very clear on its website that the individuals considering this certification exam should know the fundamentals of Windows OS.

The applicants are also recommended to use study materials that Microsoft gives on its webpage. The sources are as follows: training courses, videos, study guides, and MTA practice tests. Apart from these official learning resources, there are also other verified resources such as practice tests and video tutorials that can be obtained on many online platforms. But be sure to get study resources from updated and authentic platforms.

Topics Need to be Studied for MTA Windows Operating System Fundamentals Exam

Microsoft exam 98-349 is the way to understand profoundly the fundamentals of Windows operating system in a Windows 10 context. Therefore, it’s ideal to have, at least, a good hold of this topic earlier so that it would be easier when you take the exam. Even if it’s an entry-level certification, you can’t undervalue the exam and take it easy with no intense preparation.

Like any other Microsoft certification exam, you can’t pass a test unless you prepare for it thoroughly and competently. Microsoft does not give a distinct exam structure; this makes it more

When we talk about Microsoft certification exams, they do not give you a distinct exam format, making it more appealing and demanding. So, it’s best that you completely understand the topics of the exam above all.

First of all, Microsoft Windows Operating System Fundamentals 98-349 exam analyzes its core subject – Windows Operating Program―into six topics with similar exam weightage (15-20% each). This suggests that you require to designate a fair amount of time and preparation so that you don’t overlook any important aspect of the exam.

  1. Operating system configurations
  2. Client systems
  3. Managing applications
  4. Managing files and folders
  5. Managing devices
  6. Operating system maintenance

Prepare for MTA 98-349 Exam Like A Pro!!

Now you have a perception about what the exam is all about, its time to begin your preparation. And the most reliable and proven way is to start by drafting a study schedule strategically. There’s no space for a dull attitude or short patience here. You must be prepared to take on this certification.

Start sharply with the official Microsoft Instructor-led training course for exam 98-349. This instructor-led course is designed mainly for this exam to include the entire Microsoft official content and get relevant training in a classroom environment. The fabulous thing is you have the choice to take this class personally or remotely. Whatever you prefer, this training course is undoubtedly an effective way to get prepared for the exam.

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After that, you can now embark on other reference materials like study guides, youtube videos, and MTA 98-349 practice tests. To perform practice tests, start with the Microsoft official practice tests and then take other updated practice tests that have proved to be authentic and reliable. Practice tests include the questions and answers written by IT experts and a training course.


You can revive your IT career by passing the MTA 98-349 exam. The career opportunities and financial benefits which this MTA certification draws are amazing. So, don’t miss this opportunity and become an expert IT professional with profound fundamental knowledge in Windows Operating System.

If you’re an IT newcomer with limited work experience but highly ambitious, look no further! Pursue your career objectives with the help of an MTA certification or Microsoft Technology Associate certification with the Microsoft Windows Operating System Fundamentals

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