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Microsoft 98-361 Exam: Your Gateway to Becoming a Software Development Expert

If you’re looking to establish a career as an IT development professional, the MTA Software Development Fundamentals 98-361 certification is an ideal one to acquire the basics.

It equips you with core programming concepts and helps you learn the fundamentals of object-oriented programming and overall software development.

You’ll learn all about web and desktop applications, also, along with the fundamentals of databases.

MTA is placed to become the prime certification for individuals looking to explore and build a career in technology or expand similar aspirations such as business or any other field where technology is widespread. If you’re already in a job, MTA can equip you with the necessary IT knowledge you require to benefit business and technology decisions in a significant way.

Who should Obtain MTA 98-361 Certification?

  • Candidates who want to become an MTA 98-361 certified Software Developer.
  • This MTA certification is best-suited for beginners with no previous coding experience to intermediates seeming to enhance their skills to the expert level.
  • Candidates who want to acquire Software Development Fundamentals skills and learn Software Development Advanced Concepts.

This certification presents an appropriate entry point to a prospective career in technology and requires some hands-on experience or training but does not requires on-the-job experience.

Microsoft Software Development Fundamentals 98-361 Certification Overview

The Microsoft 98-361 exam will be comprised of around 40-60 questions to be answered within 45 minutes, as is for all MTA exams. The fee you have to pay is $127. It will test you to evaluate your expertise mainly on the following topics:

Preparing for Microsoft 98-361 Exam

You need to obtain the essential materials needed for your preparation. Many online learning resources are available handy to the applicants on Microsoft official webpage. You need to go through this resource material and many others that you can depend on. Apart from studying the study materials, it is also crucial that you carry out the hands-on practice.

Along with official learning resources, you should go for an online exam preparation platform that provides reliable and authentic practice tests. As you answer the given questions, you’ll understand the details of the examination you’re about to sit for. Practice tests help you amplify your access to the exam. They also help you determine which MTA 98-361 exam topics still require learning and require further revision. 

Benefits of Microsoft Software Development Fundamentals Certification

The benefits of becoming MTA certified are great, for businesses and the individual, we have outlined some of these prime benefits below.

  • Official proof of skills
  • Professional advantage
  • Knowledge of technologies
  • Larger return on investment
  • You increase in value
  • Pay increase
  • Demonstrate you are ready to learn


Microsoft 98-361 exam is like a difficult exam for most of the candidates, and so they should study thoroughly for this MTA exam. You should get help from seasoned IT professionals or from those who have already cleared this exam.

Microsoft certification exams are competent in stimulating your career to a large extent. However, simultaneously, you have to be very enthusiastic and committed to the domain for which you are going to appear for this exam. If you are active on online platforms and forums, you can expect to get help from the professionals connected with it.

You can also discuss your practice results with them and ask for advice and get your doubts clear. Don’t ignore these naive tips. Build your preparation plan, work hard, perform practice test, and hope for the best.

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