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MCSE Core Infrastructure 70-744 Certification to Enhance Your Job Prospects

The MCSE Core Infrastructure certification validates the applicant’s technical skills concerning a new data center operation. Become Microsoft certified by passing the required exams confirms your ability to carry out various tasks within this platform, comprising managing systems, networking, storage, and virtualization. To receive this certification, the applicant should already own the MCSA certification in Windows Server 2012 or 2016 and pass one of five below listed exams:

In this article, we will discuss the MCSE 70-744 Exam. Microsoft 70-744 exam points out the skills needed to secure Windows Server 2016 enterprise environments. All exam aspirants should get familiar with most of the tools and techniques commonly employed to secure the Windows Server platform.

The MCSE Core Infrastructure 70-744 exam includes six significant objectives that are usually confirmed by the MCSE certification in Core Infrastructure.

Skills Measured by MCSE 70-744 Exam:

  • Implement Server Hardening Solutions (25-30%)
  • Secure a Virtualization Infrastructure (5-10%)
  • Secure a Network Infrastructure (10-15%)
  • Manage Privileged Identities (25-30%)
  • Implement Threat Detection Solutions (15-20%)
  • Implement Workload-Specific Security (5-10%)

To get a good hold on these concepts, you should study adequately. Some resources specified below will help you ease your preparation.

Resources for MCSE 70-744 Exam Preparation

Microsoft Official Website to Prepare for 70-744 Exam

The first place you may come across once the thought of the MCSE Core Infrastructure exam comes in your mind is the Microsoft website.

You’ll encounter many vendor-offered training materials. One of the excellent options Microsoft offers is instructor-led learning that features the 20744A training course. If you give priority to flexibility and comfort when preparing for your certification exam, Microsoft’s official training course might be the right option.

Another option available on the Microsoft site is the popular revision book, Exam Ref 70-744: Securing Windows Server 2016, the Microsoft Press Store publishes that. Unlike most training books, this one is a helpful step-by-step guide with beneficial case scenarios and detailed reviews to optimize your learning.

And finally, you can increase the confidence required to ace your 70-744 exam by taking the official practice test from Microsoft.

Simulate Exam Experience with Microsoft 70-744 Practice tests

Whether you’re a physical learner or not, there is no reliable way to feel comfortable and self-confident on exam day, than by taking practice tests. Anxiety is the debilitating number element that can fail even though you know all the stuff. To thoroughly practice for your examination and assess your knowledge of MCSE 70-744 exam syllabus topics.

Job Opportunities

The MCSE Core Infrastructure certification plays a significant role in upgrading your storage, identity management, networking, virtualization, and systems management skills. Therefore, it is also your best move to take your career to the next level. Here are a few notable job profiles you can get with this certification.

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Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts take great pride in protecting their organization’s computer systems. With the growing number of cyber attacks, the role of information security professionals has broadened. Nowadays, they can monitor an organization’s network for any security gaps, make reports about their research, and outline security standards for their organizations.

Computer Architect

Computer architects, known as system analysts, practice their technical skills to implement solutions to various business needs. The prime aim is to guarantee the stable administration of computer systems by employing their knowledge of different software, hardware, systems, and networking components.

Computer Support Specialist

Usually named help-desk technicians, computer support technicians give technical support to global users facing problems with their devices. Most of the works corresponding to the testing and assessment of the present troubleshooting LANs, network systems, and WANs and carrying out scheduled maintenance to computer components, are managed by these professionals.


Technology Is Evolving Faster Than We Are! If your prevailing skills are impasse, you may want to seek new jobs that will considerably grow for the years to come. Acknowledging the most advanced developments, computer architects will remain to play an essential role in advanced IT platforms. This is the ideal time to pass your Microsoft 70-744 exam and obtain your MCSE Core Infrastructure certification. Pick the suitable study resources beginning with exam official training, take practice tests, and turn your career dreams into reality.

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