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Microsoft AZ-400 Exam: Do You Want to Pass On the First Try?

Microsoft, as a leading vendor in the IT industry, offers multiple certifications, including Microsoft-Azure Certification, which equips professionals with the essential skills and proficiency to establish themselves in the IT industry. Most IT professionals have then recognized the Microsoft-Azure certification exam as one way to confirm their expertise in cloud computing. This article is created to aid you with the information required to prepare for the AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions exam.

A Brief Intro to DevOps

DevOps is not new in the software industry, though it has become more prevalent nowadays. NoOps is another catchword making a lot of sounds, however, there is still much discussion on whether NoOps will possibly replace DevOps. In the meantime, the DevOps principles are going to stay for long, just like the Agile ways of working.

Reason for Taking Microsoft AZ-400 Certification

1. Technological industries emphasize a professional who is competent in managing intricate technological advancements than a generalist who does not have a profound understanding of the complicated concepts.

2. Professionals are considered to be very competent. They always get employment when they appear in job interviews, so remaining uncertified in the IT industry keeps you out of the many lucrative opportunities.

3. Information Technology is an ever-evolving industry, and being a Microsoft-Azure Certified professional makes you updated in IT.

Job Opportunities

  • IT Project Manager
  • Chief Information Technology Officer
  • Cloud Computing Specialist

Who Benefits from Microsoft AZ-400 Certification?

Microsoft offers quality training to helps you in becoming certified. Every training course is dedicated to assisting the candidates in availing more from cloud services. If you already have a definite path in your mind for a cloud career, the MS platform presents guided learning facilities with adequate training for azure jobs. It covers:

  • Azure Administrators
  • Azure Stack Operators
  • Azure Solution Architects
  • Node.js Developers
  • .NET Developers
  • AI Developers
  • Azure for AWS Professionals

Preparing for AZ-400 Certification Exam

Before starting studying for the AZ-400 exam, let’s know that AZ-400 focuses equally, if not less, on DevOps as a process in contradiction with DevOps as tools. This indicates you would need to understand DevOps as culture, methodology, and know-how to collaborate with distinct teams by executing its principles. DevOps has an enormous number of tools that can’t be included in one exam, however, as a culture, it will be a set of principles that would serve as core concepts while working with people irrespective of tools.


Now let’s take a glimpse of the topics and the percentage they are worth for the exam; details can be found here.

  • Develop an instrumentation strategy (5-10%)
  • Develop a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) strategy (5-10%)
  • Develop a security and compliance plan (10-15%)
  • Manage source control (10-15%)
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration (10-15%)
  • Define and implement continuous integration (20-25%)
  • Define and implement continuous delivery and release management strategy (10-15%)

Steps to Follow in Your Microsoft AZ-400 Exam Preparation

To streamline your efforts to pass this Microsoft exam, we’ve compiled some basic steps that you can follow in your Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions AZ-400 exam preparation. None of these steps will be confusing to you so, just have a look around these.

1. Visit the Official Microsoft Learning Page

Here, you’ll find the most reliable and updated information every Microsoft exam. In the official AZ-400 webpage, you can understand the eligibility criteria, skills needed to pass the exam, how to register for the exam, exam cost information, objectives of the exam, and finally, any important updates to exam structure.

2. Know the Exam Objectives

This is a very significant step that should always be followed by candidates. The AZ-400 exam objectives are so crucial because they provide you an idea of what is examined in the exam. They help you to know where to increase your analysis in preparation while also serving as a guide in your preparation as every time you finish a topic; you check whether the exam objectives have been completed. With a profound understanding of what you are supposed to study for the Microsoft AZ-400 exam, you are certainly going to pass your exam with an excellent score.

3. Official Training and AZ-400 Practice Tests

Official training is important to you unless you’ve some earlier experience in this exam. From the Microsoft AZ-400 learning portal, you can locate these training options. You can go for instructor-led training from Microsoft classroom training partners around the country. For each module in your AZ-400 exam preparation, you can find special courses from Microsoft training partners or other online certification training providers.

And, Microsoft s along with its partners, offers AZ-400 practice tests. You can find links for that in the same AZ-400 page in Microsoft learning.

Review your present level of preparation for the Microsoft Azure AZ-100 exam with AZ-400 Practice Tests.

4. Refer Books & Online Resources

You may not find enough books for the Microsoft AZ-400 exam. There can be a dependable AZ-400 study guide that helps you to optimize your exam performance and to bring a professional level strategy in the exam.

5. Participate in Azure Forums & Group Discussions

Azure Forums give a wonderful opportunity to aid your AZ-400 exam preparation by helping to discuss your doubts about the exam and to answer them. You may come across many people in such a forum who’s having the same queries you’ve. And, you’ll also find people there who are competent enough to solve them.


An IT professional who is so dedicated to enhancing their skills should earn the Microsoft AZ-400 Certification. Microsoft-Azure certification is well recognized throughout the world because its certified professionals are well versed and skilled in the technological industry.

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