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How CISSP Certification Can Advance Your Cybersecurity Career

What is CISSP Certification?

CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional), is an internationally acknowledged certification offered by the ISC2 (International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium). The certification confirms a applicant’s knowledge and skill in all fields of information security. CISSP certified professionals’ job is to structure, layout, control, and manage very protected business circumstances, And Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is part of an exclusive club.

CISSP was the first certification ever in the field and imposed high principles of ISO/IEC 17024 and is ANSI ISO/IEC 17024:2003 certified to make it a universal standard. It is also approved by the U.S Department of Defense in both the Information Assurance Technical (IAT) and Information Assurance Managerial (IAM). It is classified as the benchmark for the U.S. National Security Agency ISSEP program.

Concept of ISC2 CISSP

The CISSP includes many topics under information security studies. The final examination is in accordance with a Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) – a taxonomy or many relevant topics for IS security professionals throughout the world. The CBK is a broad framework of terms and sources allowing professionals worldwide to discuss, debate, and address situations relevant to common information security understanding.

The CISSP exam covers eight different areas, including:

  1. Security and Risk Management 15%
  2. Asset Security 10%
  3. Security Architecture and Engineering 13%
  4. Communication and Network Security 14%
  5. Identity and Access Management (IAM) 13%
  6. Security Assessment and Testing 12%
  7. Security Operations 13%
  8. Software Development Security 10%

Applicants must solve 250 questions in a six-hour exam. The CISSP exam is a challenging exam to crack, but those who are skilled enough to pass it are appointed to work in the information security field and succeed in their careers.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants aspiring to take the ISC2 CISSP exam must have five years of cumulative full-time work experience in two or more domains needed under the ISC2 CISSP CBK. ISC2 offers a drop out of the one-year professional experience if the applicant holds a four-year college degree in the information security field. Its regional equivalent or educational eligibility as admitted under the ISC2 list.

Applicants without the experience may also opt for the exam, but they won’t instantly be rewarded with the CISSP certificate.

They will be given an Associate of ISC2 certification, and once they own the work experience (in the next six years), they can then achieve the CISSP certificate.

Reasons to Earn ISC2 CISSP Certification

It’s a reverence to get certification from ISC2, and it means a lot about the professional you are. Every industry, from online shopping to national defense, is vulnerable when it comes to cybersecurity threats. A CISSP certification indicates that you have the education, banking, networking, and support systems to defend your organization from these threats. It’s a decent job and affects organizations at the highest levels, so hirers are ready to pay higher salaries for the appropriate candidate.

Organizational Benefits of Hiring CISSP – Certified Professionals

Better Risk Management

CISSP professionals are updated with international legal standards like FERPA, FISMA, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX, DoD Directive 8570.1, and many more. Insurance requirements make it imperative that all the developing and evolving security threats are put up with well equipped and seasoned professionals. CISSP applicants are great experts in all fields of information system security and controls to address those requirements.

Get Certified for Information Security with CISSP Certification

Human Resources

Organizations perceive that CISSP professionals are the best and the perfect choice for information security. The ISC2 standards guarantee that the professionals have significant knowledge, specified skill sets, and designated experience. HR departments that engage Certified Information Systems Security Professionals make sure that their hiring standards and processes are more robust.


 Consumers and clients who communicate with organizations want to know communication and information are being secured and kept secret. Certified Information Systems Security Professionals make sure that the organization satisfies security and ISO standards and that their reputation with clients remains persistent and safe.

Quality Employees

Certified Information Systems Security Professionals have a broad spectrum of knowledge. They have specializations in IT security domains and are considered among the most valued workers to retain the infrastructure safe and secure.

Perks of Earning of CISSP Certification

Get Higher Paid

It has been disclosed that Certified Information Systems Security Professionals are among the highest paid in the IT industry. With growing threats to security systems, businesses are ready to pay much more for the right applicant. The growth factor of a CISSP’s salary has surpassed every other sector.

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Go International with CISSP

Professionals with CISSP certification are in huge demand throughout the world. ISC2 certified applicant is most desired for the current job postings in security systems. While this is an internationally recognized certification, so it is likely for professionals to get a quantifiable job throughout the world.


Passing the CISSP exam is not a walk in the park. Only 93,000 professionals worldwide hold a CISSP certification. A lot of effort, dedication, and hard work is needed for passing this exam, but it also gives you high standing among your colleagues if you can get to this peak of professional success.

Job Profiles

  • Security consultant
  • Security analyst
  • Security manager
  • Security auditor
  • Director of security
  • IT Manager/Director
  • Network Architect
  • Security Architect
  • Security systems engineer
  • The chief information security manager


A CISSP certification provides you a place among the internationally recognized family of networking security professionals. You become a part of an elite group where you have complete access to a global extent of information resources, educational tools, peer networking, and industries. You’re on every hiring manager’s radar, and salaries are higher than other positions that don’t require the certification. If you are looking to reach at your security systems career’s top, aim for the ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification.

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