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The Surprisingly Broad Benefits Oracle Java Certification

A question arises on many of the aspiring Java programmer’s minds whether to go for Oracle Java certification or not? Will this certification help to get a good job?

If we talk about the benefits of Oracle Java certification, then an increase in salary, excellent job prospects, promotion in a job are a few of the top benefits, and one of the best thing about this certification is that you will bet to perceive about java better, that will help you in your jobs.

There are many helpful features and benefits like why Oracle Java certifications are beneficial for Java programmers, and every programmer has their own grounds for becoming certified. Below are six reasons that will make you realize why you should become an Oracle certified Java programmer.

Top 6 Reasons to Earn Oracle Java certification

1. Opportunity to Learn Java in a Better Way

Studying for Oracle Java certifications helps you learn about Java programming language in very little time, and this will not only let you acquire the basic concepts but also the specific details of the essential Java APIs.

2. Excellent Job Opportunity

The Oracle Java certifications are extremely valued in government organizations or people who are working with government projects. Presently, every organization wishes applicants to must-have Java certification.

Once you are Java certified and held certification like OCAJP or OCPJP with a flying score, a beginner increases his possibilities of getting a job in good organizations.

3. An Oracle Java Certification on Your Resume Impress Recruiters

If you hold Oracle Java certification, it will make your resume stand out from many others. In short, it will impress recruiters add fill gaps in your resume.

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4. Higher Salary

The Java certified professionals that are certified receive a better pay scale as compared to other applicants. The hiring manager value a Java Certified professional more than others who do not hold a certification.

5. Appreciation within Team

The Java certification enhances your position in the team and also enhances your impression in the organization. People presently appreciate your Java skill more than anything else.

6. Rewards from Organization

There are many organizations, either they are innovative start-ups or old ones. They constantly encourage their new or old employees to help them to upgrade their technical and soft skills. The organizations pay for their certification as that’s mutually rewarding for employees and organizations as well.

Proven Tips on how to Study for the Oracle Java certification exam

Undoubtedly, the exam comes with many difficult questions; it can still be cracked with precise preparation tools. Preparing for the exam will certainly give you some trouble, and you will have to handle specific complex codes for becoming a skilled, certified Java programmer. It is firmly recommended to note down important points that you need to revise before sitting for the exam and looking for some API methods for passing the exam with ease. Here are some tips that will help in passing the Oracle Java certification exam.

1. Follow a Standard Book for Oracle Java Certification Exam

For thorough exam preparation, you first need a great book, which includes all exam topics, has practice questions and gives ample exercises for coding. For whichever Oracle Java certification exam you are studying, try to follow the reliable and relevant book for that particular exam, and thoroughly go through all of the concepts. If you are new to Java programming, you can read the book twice to acquire in-depth knowledge.

2. Practice Tests

You can use several different types of learning materials. Still, to pass the exam with good scores, you are recommended to take plenty of Oracle Java certification practice exam from websites that provide the applicants the actual exam environment. Begin with the easiest practice tests and move on to the tougher ones.

Becoming a skilled Java programmer demands you to work on your approach towards the codes. So, coding should be your routine. Taking several practice tests will help you focus on the appropriate subjects while sitting for the actual exam.

4. Engage in Group Discussions

While studying for the Oracle Java certification exam, participating in group discussions is greatly recommended for asking your queries and discussing them with fellow exam-takers. Group discussion helps in getting the right answers from a different individual. This helps in getting more details and facts about the certification exam.

The preparation time period for the Oracle Java certification exam normally depends on the level of your understanding of Java. The more well versed you are in working with Java, the concise your preparation will be. But those individuals who register for the exam with limited to no experience in Java programming would certainly need more time to get ready. So, be sure to get at least the fundamental knowledge of the major exam objectives before attempting to take it.


The Oracle Java certification exam is more advanced than other similar Java exams. If you use proper learning materials and study books to expand your knowledge, exam preparation will become a lot easier. After reaching the passing with a flying score and receiving the certificate, one can apply for several job positions, for instance, a Java certified programmer, a Java certified developer, and a Java webmaster.

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