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Microsoft MD-101 Exam: Secret of Success That Everybody Misses

Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate is a role-based certification for Modern Desktop Administrators who secure, manage, deploy, configure, and monitor devices and client applications in enterprise conditions. The associate-level Microsoft 365 certification confirms your skills in deploying Windows, configuring connectivity, managing devices and data, maintaining Windows, deploying, and updating operating systems. It gauges your skills in managing policies and profiles, protecting devices, managing apps, and data. MD-100 (Windows 10) and MD-101 (Managing Modern Desktops) exams must be passed for obtaining the certification.

This article will equip you with common information about the Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification and one of its exams, MD-101. You’ll get some helpful tips for your powerful preparation.

MD-101 Exam Information

The Microsoft MD-101 exam is all about Managing Desktop Computers. This exam is intended for IT administrators chartered with deployment, configuration, security, management, monitoring applications, and devices in a business configuration. You must also be able to maintain identity, apps, policies, access, and updates. Furthermore, you need to work with a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator to create a device strategy for a business enterprise in a modern environment. Moreover, you must have the expertise and working knowledge in Microsoft 365 workloads and the skill to deploy, configure, and manage Windows and non-Windows tech and devices.

Skills areas evaluated by this exam are the following:

  • Operating systems update and deployment;
  • Profile and policies management;
  • Device management and protection;
  • Data and application management.

Still, before opting for the Microsoft MD-101 exam, you’ll have to crack the MD-100 exam first, which concentrates on Managing Windows 10. Both of these exams also need a registration fee of $165. After passing these exams, you become Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certified. Your advanced and certified expertise and skills will provide you more brilliant career opportunities, higher pay scales, and you’ll become a sought-after professional for management.

Various methods apply in your preparation for your Microsoft MD-101, such as online training, study guide, practice tests, etc. Before that, we require to take you through the tips that will allow you to pass the MD-101 exam with a good score.

Proven Tips for Your MD-101 Exam Preparation

1. Design a Study Plan and Follow It

Everything worth accomplishing in life must have a realistic plan. So, to get through your MD-101 Managing Microsoft Modern Desktops

exam, you require to design a study schedule. It can be a schedule, which enables you to emphasize your study time and make the best out of it for the real exam. A study plan for your Microsoft exam requires you to study when you are most efficient in improving your retention. Moreover, it brightens up your exam preparation development.

2. Know the MD-101 Exam Topics

Microsoft skill areas are vast and deep; hence require you to be definite about the objectives assessed by the MD-101 exam. Understanding the topics makes it simple for you to prepare. Every Microsoft exam also comes with distinct objectives and sub-objectives. Once you know what the exam is geared towards, all you can do is making yourself ready for the exam. To study all the topics included in the MD-101 exam syllabus, find a study guide and some other books on the Amazon website and explore the Microsoft Press store.

3. Acquire Hands-on Experience Using the Best Technology

Commonly the best way to crack any exam is to learn the practical aspect of the technology it involves. For instance, in the Microsoft MD-101 exam case, you will require hands-on experience in Microsoft 365 technology. Hands-on experience ensures that you have practical knowledge and implementation of concepts of related exams. Furthermore, it makes you more dynamic and productive, even in the most difficult parts of your exam.

4. Take Breaks

Another secret to passing is not all the time studies but also taking small breaks between your studies. Breaks allow you to rest and think about the questions you have come across in your preparation. Furthermore, a break helps you to refresh and remember content for a long in your brain. Breaks are not only important during the exam preparation process but also after finishing your preparations for the test. A rest before the real exam allows you to confront the exam with a clear mind.

5. Invest in Practice Test

Passing your exam will require a significant amount of preparation. Various prep options for the Microsoft MD-101 exam are available presently. We advise you to pay attention to the practice test. Taking the MD-101 practice test before sitting for the exam is a great way to answer the questions. Utilize it to build your confidence to sit for the real exam.

Career Prospects

Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate professionals receive an annual average salary of $74,000, as stated by This certification certifies that you are a true professional with the credential accepted globally. Having the most advanced skills, you’ll effortlessly get the position you are seeking.

Thus, with this associate-level Microsoft certification, you can work as a Data Manager, Systems Administrator, and many more alternatives. This certification provides you an opportunity not only to receive another job but also optionally get promoted in your present organization.


Now you are aware of the information you need to pass the MD-101 exam. With that, you can earn the Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification. You also know how to crack your MD-101 exam using the tips stated above and how exam practice tests can ease your preparation.

Practice more utilizing the most reliable material, achieve the Microsoft certification, and build your successful career in IT.

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