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1Z0-447 Exam: Study Tips & Benefits for The Oracle GoldenGate 12c Essentials

The Oracle GoldenGate 12c Essentials, the 1Z0-447 exam, is suitable for candidates who have a strong foundation and expertise in implementing or selling Oracle GoldenGate 12c solutions. The 1Z0-447 certification exam deals with topics such as Oracle Goldengate 12c Architecture, Oracle GoldenGate 12c Parametres, Oracle Goldengate 12c Mapping and Transformation Overview, and more.

The 1Z0-447, Oracle GoldenGate 12c Implementation Specialist certification is an OCS level certification, and passing the 1Z0-447 exam recognizes OPN members as OPN Certified Specialists. The certification distinguishes OPN members in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven knowledge. The certification aids the OPN member’s partner organization qualify for the Oracle GoldenGate 12c.

What Is Oracle GoldenGate?

Oracle GoldenGate is a software package for using the replication of data in heterogeneous data conditions. The product set uses real-time data integration, high availability solutions, transactional change data capture, verification between operational and analytical enterprise situations, data replication, and transformations.

Oracle GoldenGate brings extreme performance with uncomplicated configuration and management, tighter integration with Oracle Database, cloud environments, growing heterogeneity, and enhanced security. In addition to the Oracle GoldenGate core platform for real-time data movement, Oracle offers the Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGat. It is a visual management and monitoring solution for Oracle GoldenGate deployments and Oracle GoldenGate Veridata, which permits high-speed, high-volume comparison between two in-use databases.

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Summary of the 1Z0-447 Exam:

A candidate gets 120 minutes to take the Oracle GoldenGate 12c Implementation Essentials exam. The exam asks 72 questions, and a candidate needs to get 69% marks to pass the exam.

How to Prepare for the Oracle 1Z0-447 exam?

Search for the Syllabus and Stick to A Routine:

If you are determined to crack any exam, first try to know about the exam. The Internet is the solution for every query these days, so search for the 1Z0-447 exam syllabus first. Depending on the syllabus, make a study plan and stick to it until the exam day. Passing an exam needs devotion. So, try to take amole time and devote at least two hours to the exam preparation.

Utilize Different Resources to Widen Your Knowledge:

Once you feel confident with the exam syllabus, it is time to look for other resources, such as valuable sample questions for the 1Z0-447 exam. Reading different 1Z0-447 sample questions would help you gain more clarity about the exam pattern, and you would be able to score more.

Join Oracle Training for the 1Z0-447 Exam:

Take training from Oracle regarding the 1Z0-447 exam. Oracle recommends to take Oracle Data Integration Learning, product learning, or knowing the fundamentals of GoldenGate 12c essential training. Training means learning from experts, which could be necessary to clear topic related doubts.

Take Practice Tests:

Practice well to pass the 1Z0-447 exam. Completing the whole syllabus is not enough; a candidate needs to take a lot of practice exams to become confident. If you keep taking 1Z0-447 practice tests, the tests will help you to assess your speed and will guide you towards your weakness. The answers you are unable to attempt during initial practice exams, try to focus on those topics more to achieve maximum marks at the exam. In this way, a dedicated slot, reading, and taking practice exams will lead a candidate to crack the 1Z0-447 exam.

Benefits of being 1Z0-447 Certified:

Stay Skilled with Your Qualification:

Having the 1Z0-447 certification is proof of your knowledge with Oracle GoldenGate. Without any doubt, Oracle certifications offer an extra advantage, especially when multiple candidates are competing for a single position. The certification shows the potential employer that the candidate has made it to the specialist level of Oracle certifications as a dedicated individual.

Oracle Certifications Are High on Demand:

Demand for Oracle Certifications is growing at a rapid pace. Candidates are needed to know the skills that make them desirable to hiring managers. Once you are 1Z0-447 certified, it means you are well versed with GoledenGate architecture and parameters. Having different proven skills always keeps you high on demand.

Make Your Presence Visible in the Organization:

Having the 1Z0-447 certification proves you have worked hard for the exam and grabbed Oracle’s OCS level certification. Getting certified is proof of your skills and knowledge, which makes your impact visible than other non-certified candidates.

Make Yourself Eligible for Promotions or Better Job Roles:

If you are changing your job role or looking for a higher designation could be helpful. Being an OCS will surely boost your chance of getting promoted, or it will assure that you get preference in case of any new role than peers.

Bottom Line:

Oracle certifications are known worldwide for their unique features and qualities. Having an OCS level certification empowers you to get selected to get supreme job roles.

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