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Why Should Not You Miss the PCCET Certification?

The PCCET or the Palo Alto Networks certified Cybersecurity entry-level technician certification is suitable for beginners and aspirants who want to be in Network Security or who want to understand Palo Alto products and work on them.

Since every organization deals with an IT infrastructure, it is the technicians’ responsibility to protect them from cyber-attacks. Through the PCCET certification, a candidate can make a career as a cyber-security technician and boost his possibility of grabbing employers’ attention. With the PCCET certification knowledge, don’t let threats bother any organization; and ensure you protect every element by providing the best possible security through your certification knowledge.

Summary of the PCCET Exam:

The 90 minutes long exam comprises 75 questions. A candidate must score 70% to 80% marks to pass the exam. One must be prepared to attend multiple-choice questions in the PCCET exam.

What Areas Are Dealt in the PCCET Exam?

The PCCET exam covers topics like-

  • Fundamentals of Cybersecurity    
  • The Connected Globe  
  • Cloud Technologies    
  • Elements of Security Operations  

Reasons to Become PCCET Certified:

  • If you are a college pass out or an inexperienced fresher, the PCCET could be a great start for your career. The cybersecurity industry is changing at a rapid pace. Therefore, this is the right time to make the most use of it. If you want to have a career in network security or wish to have a career shift, Palo Alto certification could be the right choice for you. 
  • Palo Alto Networks is well known around the world as a leading provider of cybersecurity products. Palo Alto Networks certification, like the PCCET, confirms an IT professional’s knowledge and skills in security management using Palo Alto products. It is a valuable certification for those seeking growth in the field of IT security.
  • The PCCET of the Palo Alto certification path allows IT professionals to show the skills needed to secure the internet from a basic level. The Palo Alto certifications exams include three certification levels, designed to take the learner from beginner to expert. The PCCET is a beginner-level certification.
  • With your Palo Alto certification, PCCET knowledge from a reputed institution, you can help companies use your security management skills, especially using Palo Alto. The entry-level technician knowledge would help you a lot in climbing the IT security domain career ladder. The reason behind the rise would be Palo Alto’s immense popularity throughout the globe.
  • You will gain diverse knowledge in demonstrating the skills necessary to safeguard the internet on completing the Palo Alto training and getting the certification. But to achieve the higher benefits, one must complete three stages of the certification.

How to Pass the PCCET Exam?

Focus on gaining knowledge from the syllabus and try to learn by heart. Once you are confident with the syllabus topics, gain knowledge from other resources like sample questions and training materials. Keep practicing online to crack the exam at your first attempt.

Roles and Responsibility Associated with the Cert6ification:

Cyber Security technicians work with design information security plans and provide support in carrying out the methods with seniors. Some works are- 

Checking for Susceptibility

Detecting Security Issues

Inspecting Security Risk

Researching and performing the best possible security system.

They are, in fact, liable for troubleshooting all security threats that their organizations face. To do that, these technicians have to analyze, research, and arrive at the most reliable security solutions for their organizations. Some of their duties are mentioned below-

  • Check security access and maintain data. 
  • Install and suggest appropriate tools and counter safeties. 
  • They should train the employees about the awareness of computer security and methods. 
  • Get information from both external and internal sources to check the cyber threats and reports. 
  • Test the possibilities and risk analysis. 
  • Analyze the security threats and identify the actual causes. 
  • Check the company’s incidents and report to the disaster recovery methods. 
  • Work with the vendors to meet the security needs.

Bottom Line:

The demand for network security technicians is highly increasing ever since organizations began depending upon the internet. This is due to the potential threats associated with networks and servers. Organizations need qualified professionals to protect their sensitive data and applications from vulnerable hackers. Once you are PCCET certified, it proves your knowledge in the Palo Alto products to maintain different security issues. So get focused and make the path to career advancement.

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