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Which is the Simplest Way to Pass Cisco 300-620 DCACI Exam

CCNP Data Center certification is crafted to include a wide spectrum of Network IT careers. For applicants with three to five years of experience implementing Data Center solutions. CCNP Data Center certification confirms that you have the skills required to implement, secure, and automate NetworkNetwork, compute, and storage infrastructure. CCNP Data Center technology areas covered: Datacenter. This article is devoted to CCNP Center concentrate exam 300-620 DCACI: Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure.

The Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure v1.0 (DCACI 300-620) exam is a 90-minute exam that is associated with the CCNP Data Center Certification and Cisco Certified Specialist – Data Center ACI Implementation certifications. Cisco 300-620 DCACI exam gauges an applicant’s knowledge of the following topics:

  • ACI Fabric Infrastructure (20%)
  • ACI Packet Forwarding (15%)
  • External Network Connectivity (20%)
  • Integrations (15%)
  • ACI Management (20%)
  • ACI Anywhere (10%)

How to Prepare for the Cisco 300-620 DCACI Certification Exam?

Preparation is the step that demands the most amount of time and dedication in your path towards the CCNP Data Center certification. You need to understand the exam syllabus, study resources, and understand the structure of the questions in the exam.

Below here, we list down important steps that one must follow in order to crack Cisco 300-620 DCACI Certification exam.

1. Explore Your Interests & Trending Job Profiles

Before opting for CCNP Data Center certifications, you need to take into account your interests and career opportunities. Many organizations are looking for Cisco certified professionals. However, you need to assure you want to go forward in this field? If yes, then work hard for this certification.

2. Understand the Cisco 300-620 DCACI Exam Pattern

Though Cisco provides complete information about the exam structure and syllabus topics on its official webpage, it can get confounding to feel lost thinking about where to begin and what to study. To understand the exam objectives and obtain reliable study materials.

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3. Determine Your Mode of Learning & Study Resources

Self-study is a good option, but why not improve your possibilities of better understanding 300-620 DCACI exam topics by reaching out to professionals who have hands-on experience. Furthermore, the study guide or other resources that you obtain from various platforms can be utilized at your convenience with the extra benefit.

 4. Look For Free Resources for Cisco 300-620 DCACI Exam

There are plenty of resources available online nowadays. Free resources with comprehensive knowledge are the best way to learn and sharpen your skills. In fact, many specialists publish videos where you can learn more about getting started as well as doing exam preparation tips, exam details, and exam questions.

5. Take As Much As Cisco 300-620 DCACI Practice Test

There are many platforms that offer practice tests for Cisco certification exams. Take as many Cisco 300-620 DCACI practice tests as possible to find out your strong and weak points in your exam preparation. Practice tests mimic the real exam environment.

6. Forums & Study Groups

If you are facing any difficulties or questions about Cisco 300-620 exam prep or exam syllabus, online forums and communities are some of the most helpful ways to resolve such doubts. Here, you can talk with people who have prior experience in taking such an exam from Cisco. They can answer many of your questions about exam structure, scoring, retaking, exam cancellation, and much more.

7. Set a Target for Yourself

When you are studying for the exam, you have to set a target for yourself. Note down what you require to accomplish by the end of the week in terms of the topics you require to study. It is straightforward to keep walking if you know the path in which you are going, and to ensure that you stay focused on studying for the exam, you require to establish achievable targets for yourself. Set up your study routine in a way that you are clear on the topic you will be studying during the week, the skills you will be sharpening, and a reward for yourself once you finish all the tasks on your list.


The Cisco 300-620 DCACI exam is one of the most sought-after certifications. But with resources like practice tests, among other study materials, you can smoothly prepare for it and obtain a good score. With competition getting tough every day, it has become essential for the applicants and professionals to upgrade themselves in order to remain marketable. Hence, having the CCNP Data Center certification, you’re going to be an in-demand professional. Wish you success!

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