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CBP Exam: Practice| Pass| Grow Your Virtual Currency Career Becoming C4 Certified Bitcoin Professional

How important is the C4 CBP certification for a lucrative career? When considering the modern economy, the C4 Certified Bitcoin Professional certification holds great value. With Bitcoin-related start-ups getting to gain attention from venture capitalists and existing multinational organizations now accepting Bitcoin payments, it has created the need for certified Bitcoin professionals. The C4, CBP certification becomes important, as there is a lack of skilled technical experts available for hiring managers and technical recruiters worldwide to fill up the Bitcoin roles.

Who Is A C4 Certified BitCoin Professional or CBP?

A Certified Bitcoin Professional or CBP is a candidate who has knowledge about the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin network operations, and Bitcoin transactions. CBPs are eligible to apply Bitcoin technology to their professional area of expertise and learn the double-spending, privacy aspects, and other currency-related issues.

Who Should Take the C4 CBP Exam?

The CBP exam is suitable for the following professionals-

  • Call Centre Representatives
  • Accountants and Controllers
  • Sales & Marketing professionals
  • Professors, Teachers, and Educators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Project Managers
  • Anyone who uses Bitcoin in their daily lives
  • IT Professionals

What Is the CBP Exam Structure?

The CBP exam includes 75 multiple-choice and true/false questions covering each of the 6 syllabus domains. The exam is 20 minutes long; a passing score of 70% is required to apply for certification. If you fail the exam, you can pay to retake the exam. A candidate will be unable to apply for the certification until he has successfully passed it. He must make a mail with the result pasted on his resume to claim the certification.

What Domains do You Need to Cover?

The CBP exam deals with the following domains:

  • The History of Money
  • The Digital Economy
  • Cryptography Basics
  • Bitcoin Basics
  • Mining
  • Clients, Wallets, and Key Management
  • Bitcoin Commerce

How to Prepare for the CBP Exam?

Start with Registering Yourself with CryptoConsortium:

You must make an account and register for the exam. Once you pay the exam fee, there is no time limit imposed on when you take the exam. Feel free to prepare enough as long as you want after paying until you’re ready to take the CBP exam without the fear of any penalty marks. The preparation becomes tricky because you need to answer 75 questions within 20 minutes. The process is challenging for many candidates. But with the correct methods, you can easily earn the CBP certification. A candidate must score 70% marks to pass the exam.

Complete the CBP Syllabus Topics:

C4 has released the study guide for the CBP exam, and the book covers seven domains and almost 33 topics. Your first task should be to cover each CBP syllabus domain to answer the 75 questions. You can cover the syllabus topics smoothly if you decide to learn two to three topics daily. Write down the important topics and make notes out of them. Writing makes you grasp the syllabus topics from the heart. Only reading to pass the exam doesn’t help in the long run. You must study hard and remember the topics for future use. Your notes will be very useful during revision to lessen the revision period.

Follow Your Study Schedule without Fail:

You might take two to three months to get ready for the CBP exam. The preparation becomes simple when to take a planned approach towards study. A candidate must set aside two to three hours for daily study and devote quality time without fail. Only making the routine and not following it won’t help. So, decide the time of the day when you are most productive and devote at least two to three hours daily. Studying daily would help you to complete the topics on time without any rush.

Join Training:

C4 offers blockchain training for the CBP exam. You can enhance your knowledge through the training session.

Practicing is Essential to Ace the Tricky Exam:

The CBP exam is challenging and tricky because you only get 20 minutes to solve 75 questions. Practicing online is a need to crack any IT exam, but practicing becomes essential when it is so many questions within less time. The CBP practice tests are time-based, so you get familiar with taking the actual exam. Your thinking speed increases, and you get the scope to attend to all questions. You may fail to attempt all questions in the beginning and score very poor. But, don’t worry that is why practicing becomes essential. Rigorous practice with the CBP practice test helps in improving your score, and you become confident to attempt 75 questions within 20 minutes.

Bottom Line:

As the demand for Bitcoin industries is growing, so the demand for certified professionals to handle Bitcoin-related issues. There is a massive demand for C4-certified Bitcoin professionals. So, take the certification and make a new career path.

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