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Which is the Simplest Way to Pass Your Cisco 350-801 CLCOR Exam

Cisco CCNP Collaboration 350-801 CLCOR certification is deemed a job-relevant certification for collaboration and network engineers looking to enhance skills in designing, configuring, deploying, and troubleshooting communications and collaboration devices, networks, and development and applications their skill to increase business value. Multiple job trends are approaching today.

To obtain the CCNP Collaboration certification, you pass two exams: a core exam and a collaboration concentration exam of your choice.

The core exam 300-801 CLCOR concentrates on your understanding of collaboration infrastructure. The core exam is also the qualifying exam for CCIE Collaboration certification. Cracking this exam helps toward obtaining both of these certifications.

Concentration exams emphasize evolving and industry-specific topics. You can prepare for concentration exams by taking their corresponding Cisco training courses.

Why should You Pass the CCNP Collaboration Exam?

A prime factor that would inspire the CCNP applicants is the scope of the certification and the career opportunities proposed once they have earned the CCNP Collaboration certification. There would be a lot of opportunities for CCNP collaborators, even for those who would have just earned the certification and don’t have any working experience.

Information technology is quite an intense field throughout the world. Every day there would be a revolutionary technology formed for solving the common problems in life. Earning the CCNP collaboration certification would be confirming that you have a definite understanding of the most advanced technology. Moreover, it would also be confirming that you could transfer your company’s systems from old technology to the latest technology.

After earning Cisco certification, you would be able to hold the honor of joining a unique set of certified and skilled professionals. This group would be able to help you out in finding answers to some life problems encountered in your career. You would also possess the opportunity to share solutions to difficult solutions faced by your peers.

If you wish to scale up the career ladder promptly and quickly, you should upgrade yourself with the most advanced technologies that the world would be enclosing. Earning a certificate is believed to be a means of boosting the knowledge which you require to satisfy industry needs. Your employer would assuredly encourage you to higher salaries because you would now own the skills for working in these positions.

The average yearly salary of CCNP collaboration professionals would be approximately $89,124. The jobs you could apply for would be:

  • System Administrators
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • Senior Engineers.

Preparing for Cisco CCNP Collaboration 350-801 CLCOR Exam

1. Acquire Experience in Networking Technologies

One aspect of the Cisco 350-801 CLCOR exam is that it is comprehensive. You will have to have both practical and theoretical knowledge to pass the exam with flying colors. So, it is important for you to have essential skills in networking, by getting them on your current job or by attending training. If you do have the necessary experience, it’s a useful part of your preparation phase as it will pay off big time.

2. Obtain the Relevant Study Resources

One of the most naive mistakes that first-time exam takers make relies heavily on free materials available online. There is surely value in them, but CCNP Collaboration 350-801 CLCOR is a comprehensive exam that covers a lot of topics and domains, and some free sources might not have the essential breadth of subjects. There is also a high probability that the content published covers outdated material that might ruin your possibilities of passing.

The best study resources are those that come from Cisco with their self-study e-learning modules, including labs that will help you prepare for the exam more competently. This way, you will make sure that you are skilled professionals.

3. Take Advantage of Trusted Third-Party Resources

Other than Cisco’s study resources, you can also look for reliable third-party sources that can make your life considerably more convenient as you prepare to take your Cisco 350-801 CLCOR exam. One such site where you can find high-quality study materials is It is a website that offers a Cisco 350-801 practice exam that can certainly help you pass your CCNP Collaboration core certification exam on your first attempt.

Benefits of Cisco 350-801 CLCOR Practice Exam

There is no better practice than taking the Cisco 350-801 practice exam. Of course, not the actual thing right away, but some places will help you get a feel for the exam, so you know literally what to anticipate. enables you to practice taking the test in an exam-like environment. The best feature of all this is that you can obtain your results after taking the exam and identify the topics you require to work on.

These how you can ace your Cisco 350-801 CLCOR exam at the first attempt and pave your way towards CCNP Collaboration certification.


These easy tips may not be able to create magic on you, but following them, you will be able to plan your preparation and get the best out of you. So be sure you plan your preparation in the exact order described above. Good luck!

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