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Chris was overwhelmed with his PMP success with He was amazed by’s PMP practice tests, which drove him towards his success. His job role as production manager for five years was perfectly suited to take the PMP exam.

What Is the PMP Certification?

The PMP or the Project Management Professional is the world’s leading project management certification that combines predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches. The PMP certification proves an aspirant’s project leadership experience and expertise in any path of working. The PMP certification boosts up the careers for project leaders across industries and helps organizations find better and skilled employees who can contribute to the organization’s success.

PMP Exam to Rise & Shine as PMI Project Management Professional

Skilled project managers are in high demand these days. The PMP certification is designed by experienced project professionals for project professionals and confirms that a certified PMP is highly skilled in-

  • Reinforcing the technical areas of successfully managing projects.
  • Dealing the connection between projects and organizational strategy.
  • Covering the soft skills a candidate needs to lead a project team in today’s changing environment effectively.

What Was Chris’s Strategy to Ace the PMP Exam?

Chris’s first tip was that every candidate should realize that he needs to make a serious commitment and study plan. Work the PMP exam as a project! Every candidate should make a schedule, determine study and review milestones, and don’t expect to learn the topics in a hurry. Success comes in steady motion, so every candidate should take ample time and practice before reaching the exam hall. They must satisfy the PMP prerequisites:

Prerequisite to Take the PMP Exam:

Before applying, a candidate must make sure that he meets the following sets of PMP Certification requirements:

  • 36 months leading projects.
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM Certification.
  • A four-year degree

— OR —

  • 60 months leading projects
  • A high school diploma or an associate’s degree (or global equivalent)
  • 35 hours of project management education/training or CAPM

Chris Explored the PMP Exam Pattern and Acted on A Study Plan:

The PMP exam is a 230 minutes long exam. A candidate needs to attempt 180 questions to pass the exam. The PMP exam typically asks multiple-choice questions. At first, it was difficult for Chris to decide the total time needed for the exam preparation, but reading reviews of different successful candidates helped him. He took a period of three months to complete the areas covered in the PMP exam. These are-

  • Business Environment – 8%
  • Process – 50%
  • People – 42%

Completing these topics and following the PMP handbook boosted his knowledge to take the exam. Daily studying for two hours, making short notes from important subject topics, and revising well was Chris’s distraction-free schedule to earn success in the PMP exam.

Learning from Sample Questions were Helpful:

After getting knowledge from the PMP(BOK), Chris focused on covering the syllabus topics from different multiple-choice questions. Learning and solving many questions made his knowledge base stronger.

Practicing at Made Super Impact:

Many websites offer PMP practice tests, but Chris highly recommended’s PMP practice tests after getting success in the exam. Regular practice at help him get valuable insights, and he earned success in his first attempt. His initial attempts were horrible with PMP practice tests, but continuous practice made him realize the weakness and strength of different syllabus areas. Chris focused more on the weaker areas and gained the confidence to ace the exam. He loved the affordable PMP practice test at and utilized the multiple attempts wisely.

Bottom Line:

PMP infuses the most crucial leadership skills into professionals. The skills learned through the exam preparation helps a candidate to use them in both personal and professional life. PMP-certified individuals can prove their competency in front and get recognition due to their valuable certification. Therefore, prepare well to become the PMP for career opportunities.

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