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CCNP Security 300-710 SNCF Exam: Step by Step Preparation Guide

The CCNP Security 300-710 SNCF exam has been designed to assess your knowledge in Cisco Firepower® Threat Defense and Firepower® 7000 and 8000 Series virtual appliances, comprising policy configurations, integrations, deployments, management, and troubleshooting. The exam’s main focus is to obtain knowledge associated with implementing advanced Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) features, along with network intelligence, file type detection, network-based malware detection, and deep packet inspection.

CCNP Security 300-710 SNCF Exam Details:

The CCNP Security exam 300-710 SNCF costs $300. The exam comprises 55-65 questions that need to be completed in 90 minutes. The examination is multiple-choice. The validation of the certification is three years. The exam is available in English and Japanese language.


There are no such official prerequisites for CCNP Security certification, but you should understand the exam syllabus topics before sitting for the exam.

CCNP candidates often also hold three to five years of experience implementing security solutions.

CCNP Security 300-710 SNCF Exam: Step by Step Preparation Guide

Needless to say that if you are prepared adequately, you will be confident enough to pass this Cisco exam. So, with the implication of good preparation, it becomes vital to follow the right path for the Cisco 300-710 SNCF exam preparation. So, here is the step-by-step preparation guide for the 300-710 SNCF exam. Let’s explore:

1. Visit Official Certification Page on Cisco Website

Cisco has provided all the exam objectives and exam blueprint on their official website. This is the most important step to pursue in your certification journey to get familiar with the exam details properly. You will get to understand all the essential details about the certificate along with supplementary official resources like study guides, online training courses, online forums, practice tests, and so on, which could ease your preparation.

2. Understand the Cisco 300-710 SNCF Exam Topics

Cisco 300-710 exam includes a total of six modules. Your Certified Blockchain Expert preparation should be directed to cover the extensive hands-on experience and skills of a professional in the following topics:

  • Deployment
  • Configuration
  • Management and Troubleshooting
  • Integration

3. Online Training Courses

Cisco itself provides the following online training course for Cisco 300-710 SNCF exam:

Along with Cisco, there are many websites that offer such training courses for this Cisco exam preparation. The instructor-led courses are interactive enough to solve your doubts and help you prepare completely.

3. Go Through Some Cisco 300-710 SNCF Study Guides and Online Resources

If you want to get in-depth knowledge on exam topics, there is no alternative to study guides. There are many study guides available that can boost your Cisco 300-710 exam preparation.

4. Take a Cisco Practice Test

Cisco 300-710 SNCF preparation is a comprehensive process, and to pass the exam, you must know about the exam structure very well. However, answering 55-65 exam questions within 90 minutes certainly requires acute focus and learning. So, it is recommended to take Cisco 300-710 practice tests. This will makes you acquainted with exam questions likely to be asked in the exam and enhance your skill. Also, you will get a clear idea of Cisco 300-710 SNCF exam questions in advance.

Few additional quick tips to pass the Cisco 300-710 SNCF exam are mentioned below:

  • Start early enough, and last-minute studying will not be helpful.
  • Make your own notes.
  • Improve time management skills and competence as per the Cisco 300-710 exam structure.
  • Keep your mind calm & stress-free.

So, this is the step-by-step preparation guide that you require to follow to prepare for the 300-710 SNCF Certification exam. However, earning an AWS Certification is not that accessible, and it demands a lot of hard work and commitment from your side to get through these exams. Still, it is worth achieving as you’ll not only become eligible for various ravishing career opportunities but will also get the preference from organizations. Now, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself, schedule the exam, and get the most renowned Cisco certification to advance your career!!

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