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1Z0-1057-20: Earn the Oracle Project Management Cloud 2020 Implementation Essentials Certification

Passing the 1Z0-1057-20 exam is easy now! Discover the essential study guide and practice test resources through this article.

A 1Z0-1057-20 or Oracle Project Management Cloud 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist certification talks about a candidate’s solid base-level knowledge and expertise in selling or implementing Oracle Project Management Cloud solutions.

What Topics Are Covered under the 1Z0-1057-20 Exam?

The 1Z0-1057-20 certification exam covers topics such as:

  • Project Reporting
  • Configure Project Resource Management
  • Configure Project Management
  • Configure Project Performance Reporting
  • Configure Project Billing
  • Configure Project Control
  • Configure Project Costing
  • Configure Project Foundation
  • Common Project configuration
  • Configure Common Applications
  • Functional Setup Manager
  • Applications Security Overview
  • Navigation, User Experience, and Personalization
  • Project Portfolio Management overview

What Will You Learn through the 1Z0-1057-20 Exam?

  • A candidate learns to start using Oracle Project Management Cloud.
  • He gets the tool to implement and configure your applications using the best methods.
  • You can manage and administer your applications better.
  • Define and manage projects in Oracle Project Management Cloud.
  • Create, customize and publish reports.
  • Work more effectively with team members using Oracle Social Network.
  • Upgrade and leverage new features.

What Is the 1Z0-1057-20 Exam Structure?

The Oracle Project Management Cloud Implementation Essentials exam is an 85 minutes long exam with 60 questions. You should get a 55% mark to pass the exam.

The 1Z0-1057-20 exam is a specialist-level certification from Oracle; therefore, the certification is not suitable for beginners. A candidate must have up-to-date training and field experience to get success in the exam.

What Should Be the Strategy to Pass the Exam?

Start early and plan ahead for the 1Z0-1057-20 exam.

According to many successful candidates, taking a strategic approach right from the beginning for the Oracle Project Management Cloud 2020 Certified Implementation Specialist (OCS) exam will reap the rewards. Plan everything, including early registration. Get confirmation on the exam date and start preparing.

Prepare an Outline of the 1Z0-1057-20 Syllabus Topics:

Outline the main topics and concepts covered in the 1Z0-1057-20 exam, then use the chart and outline during the study. Using a written routine will help you memorize key facts and other information you will be tested on.

Mastering the Syllabus from the core and not question spotting during the study is a common theme for getting success. Your aim during 2-3 hours of study slot should not be only passing the exam but you should target to know as much as possible about a particular syllabus topic. The earlier a candidate starts, the better is the chances of covering the whole syllabus and getting a good mark. Also, understand that thorough syllabus revision is excellent preparation for future exams. Learn the principles of standards rather than just memorizing them; this understanding will go a long way towards helping you prepare for the final day 1Z0-1057-20 exam.

Use Visual Aids for Study:

Visual aids, including charts, graphs, and diagrams, are great study resources, especially if you’re a visual learner. Learning from Oracle’s technical videos and learning from technology-oriented videos could be highly beneficial. Solving Past Questions and Reading Success Stories Could Be of Great Help.

Working through past question papers helps a candidate identify technical weak spots and is also one of the best ways to enhance your exam-taking technique.

If there is one exam preparation technique that most students agree with, the technique is working through past papers, sample answers, and going through success stories of different candidates. The study plan of others could help you to plan yours.

Practicing Makes Difference:

When you take the help of 1Z0-1057-20 practice tests to get ready for an exam, you gradually find out your weaknesses and strengths and get a chance to work on your weaknesses. Therefore practicing makes a huge difference in building up your confidence level.

How to Prepare Just Before the Exam:

When it is about the last few days of preparation, opinions differ on the best approach, but most candidates agree on the importance of having enough time to prepare greatly. But different strategies work for different people. However, it is best to revise the critical topics during the last few weeks.

Get Enough Sleep:

If you keep studying regularly, you don’t need to face an extra load before the exam. It is not suggested to stay up all night studying before the test day. Get plenty of sleep the night before. Although spending extra time preparing seems like it will improve your score, you never want to show up to a test tired. Studies show that students who spend more time upfront studying and less time cramming the night before typically perform better on tests.

What Is Oracle Project Management Cloud?

The Oracle Project Financials Management Cloud is a solution that is built on a horizontally scalable big data platform with high throughput processing to offer real-time analysis and deep insights across technical and business thoughts.

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Through the 1Z0-1057-20 certification knowledge, a user can automatically analyze data using machine learning, proactive monitoring, real-time analysis, and correlation across all Oracle Management Cloud services.

What Tasks Are Easy with Oracle Project Management Cloud?

Perform the following tasks efficiently through your 1Z0-1057-20 certification knowledge-

Monitor Your System Easily:

Get proactive alerts, monitor, and notify across all infrastructure tiers. Detect and remediate security alerts. Get complete application monitoring.

Analytics and Deep Learning:

Check and assess anomalies and provide resource forecasting and cost estimates. Ensure configuration compliance. Analyze trends to maximize availability.

Bottom Line:

There is no need to explain how valuable Oracle certifications are. The 1Z0-1057-20 exam is an OCS level exam, and there is no need to demonstrate that OCS level candidates are less in number. So, grabbing your 1Z0-1057-20 certification could lead you to get a great career easily.

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