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Frida understood her decision of choosing was perfect. received one of the most positive reviews regarding CISSP materials from her. Being a successful CISSP practice test user, she wrote thanksgiving mail to Let me take you through Frida’s preparation journey with and present the CISSP certification overview.

Who Should Take the CISSP Exam?

CISSP differs hugely from other IT certifications. CISSP exam tests your bookish knowledge plus your practical life work experience. The certification demands 5 years of professional experience in the IT security domain. Candidates having an associate-level ISC2 certification gets a waiver of one year. Frida suggested the aspirants must have practical work-life experience and then should sit for the exam. She had experience of six years in the network security domain.

According to Frida, CISSP could challenge you highly, despite having the work experience, therefore having the proper materials for success play an important role. Any candidate can master any one or two domains during work experience, therefore clearing the exam becomes difficult.

Frida’s Strategy to Ace the CISSP Exam:

Register First:

Frida was quite determined to crack the CISSP exam on her first attempt, so she did not take much time to register with Pearson Vue and took a safe period of six months to get ready.

Get the Books and Resources to Cover the CISSP Syllabus:

The second thing for Frida’s CISSP journey was to go through the syllabus. Covering the whole CISSP syllabus moves any candidate one step further to the CISSP certification. There is a huge debate over CISSP books over the internet. Frida became confused too during her preparation too, but she made some clear points for the benefit of other candidates. ISC2 offers the official book for the CISSP exam.

The book is named CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional Official Study Guide. The official CISSP book comes with an official practice test too. The CISSP book by Shon Harris is a comparatively long book with more details. Therefore depending on your time, choose the valuable book. Frida made short notes combining two books.

Frida suggested that for candidates who are in a hurry to take the CISSP exam, the 11th-hour study guide book by Shon Harris could be a time saver. The book is highly recommended for last-minute preparation.

Focus on Domain Based Preparation:

CISSP questions are domain-based. Therefore a candidate will benefit highly through domain-based preparation. The security and risk management topic took more of her time.

Used the Official Practice Test:

When Frida became a bit confident about her CISSP study, she started using the official practice test book. The book contains 12 chapters covering each domain of CISSP. Every chapter includes 100-125 questions, and the last four chapters are a combination of all CISSP domains. Solving the provided material helped her a lot to gain confidence. She gradually gained her trust through high scores.

Learn from Videos:

IT DOJO YouTube videos for CISSP helped Frida a lot. If you feel tired, you can focus on watching the videos and learning. The videos ask CISSP related questions at the end, which is very helpful for an aspirant.

Enrolled in CISSP Practice Test at

Last but not least, Frida gave it a thought to take online CISSP practice exams three months before the exam. After much research, she landed on has uploaded sample questions on their site too. The sample questions and mock exams made her confident that the materials are worth the price. She was looking for an affordable CISSP practice exam and found that provides more questions for CISSP, which is cheaper than any other online practice exam. The unlimited attempts with the CISSP practice test at was a great motivator.

CISSP Certification: Doorway to Get a Lucrative Salary!!

Studying from books, solving official practice tests, and getting valuable insights from the EduSum provided CISSP practice test aided to Frida’s success.

Bottom Line:

We all get certified to upgrade our career, and what could be better than becoming CISSP with many year’s experiences? If you want a flourishing cybersecurity career, go with the study materials and grab your CISSP certification.

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