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1Z0-1064-21 Certification: Are you Ready to Become an Oracle Specialist & Have Massive Career Change?

Change the future of sales through Oracle 1Z0-1064-21 certification. But, create a study guide and obtain the reliable practice test to pass the 1Z0-1064-21 exam swiftly.

What Is Oracle Engagement Cloud?

Oracle Engagement Cloud offers a complete set of possibilities to help sales leaders transition smoothly from sales planning and execution. The process includes customer onboarding, account management, and support services. Robust sales and service possibilities are built on a single platform, with easy mobile access and native AI that confirms each account’s win probability and recommended the next best actions.

What Certification Do You Earn after the 1Z0-1064-21 Certification?

An Oracle B2B Service 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist has the knowledge to perform initial setup and configure service request management. They can deploy and customize a Digital Customer Service application, configure Omnichannel communications, and use tools to configure and customize B2B service workflows.

The 1Z0-1064-21, Oracle B2B Service 2021 Implementation Essentials exam is 90 minutes long and asks 58 questions. You need to get 62% to pass the exam. The candidates experience multiple-choice questions in the exam.

Study Guide to Pass the 1Z0-1064-21 Exam:

Don’t Rush Take Enough Time to Prepare for the 1Z0-1064-21 Exam:

Oracle recommends study plus hands-on training to pass the 1Z0-1064-21 exam. Some easy questions are there but, the 1Z0-1064-21 exam asks questions based on a case study and keen knowledge of the Oracle management cloud.

To take the 1Z0-1064-21 exam, register yourself with Pearson Vue. A candidate can register directly from the official page or from Pearson Vue’s page. When you appear for a specialist-level certification, it is expected that your base is strong. Still, you need to take at least two months to learn the exam topics properly without any rush.

Stay Devoted to Your Routine:

Being organized is the key to success. If you are focused on passing the 1Z0-1064-21 exam on the first attempt, you must follow a study routine. Engage yourself in daily quality study hours and write down the crucial points during the study.

Join the 1Z0-1064-21 Training Provided by Oracle:

Joining training means learning about the topics from experts for more clarity. So avail the training. Oracle offers the following training-

  • Oracle B2B Service 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Oracle CX Sales and B2B Service Learning Subscription

Success Is Easy If You Have Firm Grip on the 1Z0-1064-21 Syllabus:

Learning the syllabus from the core is very important, and covering all of them is very necessary to nail the 1Z0-1064-21 exam. Once you explore the syllabus, you get to see that the Oracle syllabus is not percentage-based. Therefore, you should set a routine to cover the lengthier topics with more time and set a regular time for other topics.

Get the Proper 1Z0-1064-21 Practice Test for Better Preparation:

Using reliable 1Z0-1064-21 practice tests would help to discover your knowledge base regarding the exam. Get valuable insights into your preparation through practicing online. If you keep practicing more, you can get familiar with the exam structure, question pattern, and time management.

Many communities and Oracle forums suggest using the proper practice test to pass the exam. Once you complete the syllabus areas, it is time to look for other resources like 1Z0-1064-21 sample questions, helpful videos, and practice tests.

What Is Oracle Engagement Cloud?

Oracle Engagement Cloud Service Foundation will allow a candidate to get an outstanding customer experience by providing connected and consistent service to each user using the channels that specific customers needed.

What Are the Benefits of Using Oracle Engagement Cloud?

The Oracle Engagement Cloud helps to ensure your team has an intuitive and productive work environment.

  • Make monitoring easy.
  • Efficiently track the performance of your engagement center.·
  • Manage your operations with agility and ease without expensive System Integrators.
  • Leverage a single platform to connect to all enterprise systems helping to lower overall TCO.

Learn about the Customer:

Customer 360 combines and presents critical customer information.

Be Decisive:

Assess to keep the focus on the most qualified leads and identify opportunity risks.

Offer and Get Help:

Sales Coach provides tasks lists and recommended actions at every stage.

Get Contents Fast:

Sales Lightbox allows content sharing and custom presentation assembly.

Be Productive:

Get tools to manage appointments or tasks, log call notes, send a recap, assign follow-up, and more. ·

Track Deal Progress:

Deal Calendar offers a consolidated account activity timeline.

Analyze Team Performance:

Pre-built reports analyze performance for better resource allocation.

1Z0-1032-21 Certification!!! Get Ready to Grab It with Supportive Practice Test

Trust the Forecast:

Embedded analytics deliver intelligent sales forecasts for accurate planning.

Campaign Aggressively:

Sort out target lists, email templates, and integrated lead conversion.

Bottom Line:

There are multiple benefits associated with Oracle Engagement Cloud, which are immensely helpful to flourish your OCS career. Therefore, grab the 1Z0-1064-21 certification and have the demanded implementation specialist career.

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