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1Z0-1053-21: Oracle Benefits Cloud 2021: Obtain the Practice Test to Make a Difference in Your Result

Becoming an OCS with the 1Z0-1053-21 certification is easy now. Explore the practical study guide and practice test to ace the exam in no time.

Passing the 1Z0-1053-21 exam is the key to your OCS level certification. The Oracle Benefits Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist (OCS) exam is a multiple-choice exam and asks 55 questions to be attempted within 90 minutes. A candidate needs to get a 70% mark to pass the exam and grab his certification.

Who Is An Oracle 1Z0-1053-21 Certified Specialist?

An Oracle Benefits Cloud 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist is a candidate who has the skills and knowledge needed to configure and implement Oracle HCM Cloud Benefits Service solutions. Individuals who earn the 1Z0-1053-21 certification can configure and administer Benefits, set up benefits extracts, and extract and transmit data to plan carriers.

How Can You Prepare for the 1Z0-1053-21 Exam?

Focus On the Syllabus of the 1Z0-1053-21 Exam:

Visit the official page for the 1Z0-1053-21 exam, and write down a plan to cover the syllabus topics from the core. The 1Z0-1053-21 syllabus covers the following topics-

  • Benefits Billing and Court Orders
  • Reporting on Benefits
  • Administering Benefits
  • Configuring Benefits

If you don’t grasp the syllabus well, you could face many challenges during practically implementing the knowledge. Make a study plan and focus on the topics. Once you have clarity about the topics, you would be able to answer all questions asked in the exam. Clearing the subject concepts from the core would help you attempt maximum exam hall questions, ensuring your success.

Set Your Study Hours:

Only thought of studying fails for many candidates. But, if you create a study plan and follow it religiously, acing the exam becomes easier.

If you have only two hours two study, set that productive two hours and use them in a distraction-free manner. You don’t need to spend five to six hours for study, but get rid of distractions during your study hours.

Include Additional Sources for Preparation:

Discover some of the additional resources like important sample questions and videos for the 1Z0-1053-21 exam preparation. Learning from reliable sample questions would enhance your skills with exam preparation.

Join Communities and Forums:

Different communities and forums deal with Oracle 1Z0-1053-21 exam. The forums are there to ease your exam preparation level. Find groups and join to ask questions and other clarifications.

Assess Yourself with 1Z0-1053-21 Practice Test:

Do not ignore the importance of practicing. Practicing means you are enhancing your skills and knowledge. Practicing regularly with 1Z0-1053-21 practice tests would improve your speed, and you would be familiar with taking the real exam. The result section of practice tests helps point out your weaknesses and strengths. Gradual work with practice exams would help boost your confidence level.

What Is Oracle Benefits Cloud?

Oracle Benefits cloud is a global solution and part of the HCM Cloud rules-based benefits application that allows organizations to manage and offer benefits programs to meet their mission, objectives, and strategic alignment.

What Are Some Benefits of Using Oracle Benefits of Cloud?

Offer Greatest Value to Each Employee:

Oracle Benefits is an extensible and flexible solution to meet your specific benefits program demands. The solution recognizes an organization’s business objectives, industry type, location, employee demographics, and several other factors to shape a benefits plan. Eligibility for plans, programs, and options and the calculation of costs can all be planned and can be applied to each employee and their dependents. The process helps employees to choose whatever is beneficial for them.

1Z0-1064-21 Certification: Are you Ready to Become an Oracle Specialist & Have Massive Career Change?

Design Benefits Programs that Suits Your Organization Best:

Oracle Benefits has an entirely flexible design process allowing the creation of benefits programs that can have multiple plans to meet the organization’s benefits demands. Projects can collaborate that share similar enrollment and eligibility values. Eligibility for plans and programs and also the costs of benefits can be separately determined. A personalized experience for every employee is provided based on the configured rules.

Get Consumer Style Self Service Enrollment Flow:

The employee is led through the enrollment methods with a simple and easy-to-use employee benefits landing page and enrollment flow. The enrollment flow has chained stops to group together similar plans and optional filters for the employee to use. Beneficiaries and dependents can be chosen in-line at the same time as the option is selected or all together at the end. Employees can go through the enrollment method as many times as they like in the open enrollment time.

Bottom line:

Oracle offers multiple dimension certifications, and the 1Z0-1053-21 certification focusing on Oracle Benefits Cloud. If you are keen to make a career in this field, have the certificate and make your future bright.

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