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1Y0-440 Architecting a Citrix Networking Solution: How to Ace It?

Are you looking for the best preparation tips to pass the Citrix 1Y0-440 exam? Follow the article to the end and get valuable insights on the certification.

Overview of the 1Y0-440 Exam:

The 1Y0-440 exam is a 64-questions long exam basically conducted in English. Some of the items in the exam are not scored and thus will not affect the final result. The unscored questions are included in this exam solely for research purposes.

Who Are the Intended Audience for the 1Y0-440 Exam?

The 1Y0-440 exam deals with the most vital topics for IT Professionals with extensive networking and Citrix ADC experience. This exam confirms that exam takers have the requisite knowledge and skills needed to define the overall architecture or structure of a Citrix networking situation. The exam covers advanced Citrix networking configurations and leading Citrix design technologies. The 1Y0-440 certification is suitable for those who check and design complex network architecture of Citrix network situations may hold various job titles such as:

  • Citrix Consultants
  • Citrix Architects

What Skills and Knowledge Are Recommended to Take the 1Y0-440 Exam?

  • The 1Y0-440 candidates should have knowledge of the following before taking the exam.
  • They must Identify and prioritize business drivers, constraints, and demands using the Citrix Consulting methodology.
  • Should be able to assess environment demands and learn to apply leading design principles to work on them in a multi-site Citrix ADC deployment.
  • They should be able to apply advanced authentication and load balancing methods.
  • They must use Citrix ADC Application Delivery Management for checking Automation and Orchestration.
  • They should identify steps to take in advanced troubleshooting possibilities.
  • They must evaluate environment documentation and assess necessary adjustments to meet needed environment specifications.
  • Assess the environment’s current security configuration and make necessary adjustments to bring in line with leading security methods.
  • They should configure different client connection methods, including Citrix Gateway, VPN, Split Tunneling, and other proxy configuration options.

What Topics Are Covered under the 1Y0-440 Exam Syllabus?

The 1Y0-440 exam deals with the following topics-

  • Citrix Application Delivery Management Automation and Orchestration  
  • Advanced Traffic Management   
  • VPN Configuration     
  • Citrix ADC Security     
  • Advanced Authentication and Authorization
  • Citrix ADC Deployment Architecture and Topology
  • Networking Methodology and Assessment

How to Prepare for the 1Y0-440 Exam?

Join the 1Y0-440 Training:

A candidate must join the following training to learn more about the 1Y0-440 exam. CNS-420 Citrix Networking Assessment, Design, and Advanced Configuration training. This is an expert-level 5-day training course, and the candidates will be exposed to advance level networking and Citrix ADC concepts and configurations. The candidate will attain lectures, lab exercises, real-world case studies, and look critically at environment demands, constraints, and business drivers to create a complex Citrix networking solution.

Have Complete Grasp on the 1Y0-440 Syllabus:

Learning the syllabus topics from the core plays a major role in making you successful. Have a special emphasis on learning the syllabus topics from the core. Follow the percentage division while preparing for the exam. The higher percentage topics are surely going to have more questions out of it. Therefore focus on covering them well.

Strategize Your Study:

Be focused, what you want to study and cover the syllabus sections one by one. If you make a schedule, you can easily cover the syllabus sections. Make a habit of writing the topics you are studying to make the knowledge base strong on the topics already learned. Writing would boost your memory power, and you would feel comfortable in attempting multiple-choice questions.

Focus More on Taking the 1Y0-440 Practice Test:

Whatever your grasping power is, assessing yourself is important. The 1Y0-440 practice tests help a lot to discover the areas you are lacking. If you focus on the result section, prepare well, and keep on studying, you can achieve a better score.

Reason to Get A Networking Certification:

  • Networking is becoming more crucial than ever as connectivity demands skyrocket with mobile workforces, the rise of things using the internet, and the proliferation of cloud applications. As a result, enterprises are increasing their spending on networking infrastructure and have a strong interest in software-defined networking (SDN) – a Citrix fundamental.
  • To keep up with these rapid changes, networking professionals need to broaden their knowledge. Citrix Education certifications prepare you to succeed in this evolving networking landscape.
  • Besides offering new skills, earning the Citrix 1Y0-440 certification in networking can advance the career of the candidate and pay off financially.

Bottom Line:

Citrix 1Y0-440 certification could be a great career choice as it proves your credibility to potential employers and increases the probability of earning high. For example, according to the Global Knowledge 2018 IT Skills and Salary Report, the average salary for a Citrix networking certification in North America is more than $96,000.

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