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Confused About Using Practice Tests For MD-100 Exam?

A resume with Microsoft certifications will never fail in receiving high-paying jobs. Nevertheless, competition in the IT market is at its peak. So, if you want to be among the favored applicants, you should direct your efforts on earning rare and demanding certifications. The Microsoft 365 Certified Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification helps you prove your expertise as a Modern Desktop Administrator. This Microsoft certification requires two steps to be accomplished. The first exam you require to pass is the MD-100 exam, which is the focus of this post. The second exam for the certification mentioned above is MD-101.

The Microsoft MD-100 helps you enhance the business processes by administering various features and services. Moreover, the preparation process for this exam questions your analytical and hands-on experience in managing Windows 11 features. So, are you keen to know more about the skills you require to obtain for the MD-100 exam? Keep reading this post and find out more.

Microsoft MD-100 Exam Details

The beginning point of any certification exam is to have a solid understanding of what it includes. The knowledge becomes helpful in deciding how to plan out your study schedule. It can also help you determine whether a specific course suits you or not. Thus, you need to know that this exam consists of 40-60 questions, and you will have 150 minutes to answer all of them and get 700 points. Microsoft MD-100 sources questions from four objectives.

Knowing all these, let’s explore the best ways to prepare for your MD-100 exam.

Efficient Preparation Resources for MD-100 Exam

As we already mentioned above, the Microsoft Windows Client MD-100 exam can be successfully cracked if you use different training resources. If you don’t know where to begin, the Microsoft official website should be your first platform. Once you visit the Microsoft official webpage, you will discover different training options that will help you proceed in your prep process for this exam.

If you wonder which is the most helpful preparation option, you should consider the instructor-led training course. It helps you obtain updated information on the MD-100 topics directly from Microsoft experts. As its interactivity level is relatively high, you will receive immediate answers to all your questions related to the MD-100 exam.

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To know more, Microsoft also offers the official practice test to help you understand all the concepts tested during the MD-100 exam from a practical point of view. This practice test will take you through different scenarios and help you assess your preparation level. Thus, you should take up this preparation option early before taking the actual exam, which will help you have sufficient time to sharpen your skills in the weak areas.

Why are Practice Tests Beneficial?

Microsoft MD-100 practice tests are useful when you study the topics and try to master them. With their help, you can see several sides to each issue and learn something new about each domain.

On the other side, MD-100 practice tests are the perfect help for your final step of the preparation phase. After practicing with them, you will know your score and possibly overlooked topics to understand whether you require some time for learning or not. They help you know your weak areas to work upon them and pass with flying scores.


If your aim is to become a skilled Modern Desktop Administrator, then the Microsoft MD-100 exam is the first step you need to take. It helps you prove to any hiring manager that you are a worthwhile applicant, and you can configure and manage windows client firewall. But, before taking the actual exam, you should direct your efforts to the training course. You will increase your possibilities to get a good score in MD-100 if you try different options like the MD-100 practice test or instructor-led session. Even though it seems tough, you should look at this effort as an intelligent investment in your future. Good Luck!!

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