1Z0-340-21: Have You Explored the Oracle Eloqua Marketing 2021 Implementation Essentials Practice Test?

Is using Oracle Eloqua Marketing 2021 Implementation Essentials your dream? Then go for the 1Z0-340-21 certification, and utilize the effective study guide and practice test to conquer the exam.

What Is All about the 1Z0-340-21 Certification?

The 1Z0-340-21, Oracle Eloqua Marketing 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist, certification talks about a candidate who has successfully proved his skills to use the Oracle Eloqua platform.

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What Work Do You Do as 1Z0-340-21 Certified Specialist?

The 1Z0-340-21 certified specialist understands critical configurations and milestones integrated in a successful implementation. These include determinations around security settings and key administrative points to the facilitation of deliverability exercises that aid email management, the advanced possibilities of automation, web tracking, and CRM integrations Eloqua services.

Topics Covered under the 1Z0-340-21 Exam Syllabus:

The 1Z0-340-2021 exam comprises the following topics-

  • Data Model
  • Eloqua Fundamentals
  • Implementation Overview
  • Additional Eloqua Services
  • Automation
  • CRM Integration
  • Form Configuration
  • Email Configuration and Preference Management
  • Tracking
  • Database Management
  • Branding and Deliverability
  • Security Settings

How to Get Ready for the 1Z0-340-21 Exam?

Research More and Register for the 1Z0-340-21 Exam:

Get registered early and research more about the exam pattern. Once you learn about the 1Z0-340-21 exam structure planning the study schedule becomes easier. Don’t waste time and do the registration at the beginning to take the exam more seriously.

The multiple-choice based 1Z0-340-21 exam comprises 60 questions. The aspirant must take the exam within 90 minutes and get a 70% mark to pass the exam.

Learn the 1Z0-340-21 Syllabus Topics:

The OCS level 1Z0-340-21 exam is quite difficult to pass. Therefore, completing the syllabus topics could feel challenging. Learning the 1Z0-340-21 syllabus topics from the core is mandatory. Now, you can think h

Devote Quality Time in Studying:

If a candidate is serious enough to pass the 1Z0-340-21 exam, they must study hard with devotion. Therefore, fix your study time and try to devote at least two hours to study. Daily studying with devotion would help an aspirant to cover the syllabus with ease. The Oracle syllabus is not divided in percentages, so check the sub-topics’ length and make a schedule.

Notes Making Is Essential:

A candidate can boost up his preparation and memorization power with one good habit. That good habit is writing more while preparing for the exam. Once a candidate covers a particular syllabus topic, he must make a habit of making important notes out of it. Arranging these notes practically would help to cover the syllabus topics with ease during revision. Therefore, maintain a notebook for quick revision.

Your Study Hours Should be Fixed:

If you fix the study hours, you are bound to follow a routine. A candidate can productively utilize those hours if he is sure about his study time and daily activities. Be sure to regularly use your study hours and study for two to three topics daily. While studying, take one topic at a time and learn it from the core.

Training Is Essential:

Joining the 1Z0-340-21 training from Oracle plays an important role in the 1Z0-340-21 exam preparation. An aspirant can join the following  training-

  • Oracle Marketing Learning Subscription
  • Oracle Eloqua Marketing 2021 Certified Implementation Specialist
  • Become a Certified Eloqua Implementation Specialist

Joining the training session always helps the candidate to get expert tips from the Oracle experts. The students might prepare for the theoretical part at the comfort of their house, but the practical part of learning through training is crucial to earn success in the 1Z0-340-21 exam.

Practice High:

At the end of your preparation, practice high with 1Z0-340-21 practice test and evaluate yourself.

What Is Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud?

Oracle Eloqua Marketing cloud is one of the best-in-class B2B marketing automation solution. The cloud works on campaign design, real-time firmographic data, advanced lead scoring,  and integrated sales methods.

The Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud solution aids to make more closed-loop marketing and sales activities and manage cross-channel B2B marketing campaigns that help leading across each stage of the buying method.

Benefits of Using Oracle Marketing Cloud:

Create Campaigns that Adapt Well:

Apply to unpredictable customer journeys. Eloqua works for key activities and adjust the experience or move customers to a different campaign to better match their needs.

Email Time Management Is Easy:

Fix the emailing time and send emails when there is the highest chance to open any image. Eloqua assesses historical data to determine the perfect time for a contact to have an email so the user can send emails on the scheduled day and time to reach customers.

Grow Campaigns Fast:

Make multi-step or simple campaigns in a short time smoothly. Use an intuitive drag and drop channel that boosts up to multiple channels, such as email, display search, web, video, or mobile.

Campaign Management Is Easier Now:

Cut downtime by using Eloqua’s Program Canvas to create repetitive manual tasks. Extend and smooth out your data workflows with program triggers such as lead score changes or gain a new contact.

Make Dynamic Campaigns:

Create dynamic campaigns that will aid buyers and intelligently accept the experience based on a buyer’s real-time works at every phase of the customer journey.

Bottom Line:

Oracle certifications are highly valued and help a candidate to earn the 1Z0-340-21 certification at ease. When you are a specialist-level certification holder, it boosts your value across organizations.