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1Z0-997-21 Exam: Drop Dumps & Rely on Practice Tests to Become Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Architect Professional

What is the best way to make a career with the 1Z0-997-21 exam? Studying hard, widening knowledge with sample questions, and rigorous assessment with practice tests could be helpful.

Who Should Take the 1Z0-997-21 Exam?

The 1Z0-997-21 certification is an OCP-level certification. Therefore, the eligible candidate needs to have an associate-level certification. The 1Z0-997-21, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Certified Architect Professional, holds hands-on experience and knowledge needed to design, plan, implement and operate solutions on OCI.

What Do You Learn through the 1Z0-997-21 Certification?

The aspirants learn to do the following tasks through the 1Z0-997-21 certification. They can plan and design solutions, implement and operate databases, implement and operate solutions, design for hybrid cloud architecture. The aspirants also learn to create for security and compliance and move from on-premises workloads to OCI. Having field experiences and up-to-date training would help the aspirant pass the exam easily.

What Is the 1Z0-997-21 Exam Structure?

The 1Z0-997-21 exam is an OCP level exam with 50 questions. A candidate needs to obtain a 70% mark to pass the exam, and he gets a time of 120 minutes to take the exam.

How to Prepare for the 1Z0-997-21 Exam?

Start Exploring the Syllabus After Registration:

Aspirants must register for the exam and learn more about the syllabus topics. Registration boosts preparing and understanding the syllabus topics from core creates the probability to pass the exam. Many aspirants find it difficult to plan the Oracle exam syllabus, as it is not percentage-based. In that case, the candidates might follow the previous year’s questions and chalk out a plan to cover the syllabus.

Break the Myth of Studying for Long Hours:

Does success come with long hours of studying? The answer is no. A candidate might devote two to three hours daily and get the desired result in the exam. The only thing that matters is continuous devotion during study hours. Writing habits will boost your preparation level, as making notes help in memorizing the topics for longer.

Learn from the 1Z0-997-21 Training:

Learning from the Oracle training is essential. Theoretical learning is needed to pass any exam, but getting practical training helps to deal with projects better. Therefore, join the 1Z0-997-21 training and learn from the experts.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Certified Architect Professional

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Learning Subscription

Choose Your Study Materials Wisely:

Along with study what material you choose impacts you highly. Dumps are readily available and might be cheaper too, but many aspirants learn from dumps and score poorly in the actual exam. The reason behind this is a lack of self-evaluation. It is the duty of every candidate to assess their preparation level before reaching the exam hall.

1Z0-997-21 practice tests help in a big way to assess the preparation level of a candidate. These time-based tests offer real exam-like experience, and a candidate learns time management and gets insights on their preparation level.

On the other hand, by reading only dumps materials, you can learn different areas, but you miss out on the chance to self-check. Not knowing and reviewing your weak areas regarding the syllabus might land you in trouble during the actual exam.

What Is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the set of cloud services that allow the user to create and run a wide range of operations in a highly-available situation.

What Are the Benefits of Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps Oracle’s X86 systems and is built for great performance with NVMe flash drives and super-fast SSD block volumes. Bare Metal instances offer up to 28.8TB of raw NVMe flash drive, which is helpful for millions of reading and writing transactions per second.

1Z0-1067-21 Exam: How to Pass It on Your First Attempt?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is made to support any app that needs cheap, big storage and millions of I/O, lots of dedicated computing cores, high throughput, and lower latency.

Simple pricing of all Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services is billed on an hourly basis. The user can scale up or down and only pay for the resources you consume (monthly/annual commitment pricing is available as well).

The user does not need to worry about his app becoming popular with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, as Oracle does not charge high bandwidth value like other providers.

Bottom Line:

Get a chance to explore OCI and become Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2021 Architect Professional with the 1Z0-997-21 exam. Earn the knowledge and make a flourishing career with Oracle.