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Microsoft MS-740 Exam: Study Guide for Newbies

With more than 145 million daily active users, Microsoft Teams is the collaboration tool of choice in several enterprises. As more organizations count on Microsoft Teams, IT professionals need to support this vital tool within their organization. This article will talk about the Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams MS-740 certification exam.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams MS-740 Exam Breakdown

The number of questions for the exam MS-740 varies from 40 to 60, with a time duration of 150 mins. The passing The exam question types you’ll encounter many different types such as active screen, drag and drop, best answer, hot area, to multiple-choice, short answer. The exam cost is $165.

MS-740 Exam Objectives

  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Teams voice issues (15-20%)
  • Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft Teams meetings and live events (20-25%)
  • Troubleshoot federation issues (10-15%)
  • Troubleshoot issues signing into Microsoft Teams (15-20%)
  • Troubleshoot teams and channels (10-15%)
  • Troubleshoot issues with files (15-20%)

Top Tips for Passing Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams MS-740 Exam

Passing the Microsoft exam is not a walk in the park; you’ll require to know all the secrets to pass the MS-740 exam with a good score. Be advised of the secrets to passing this Microsoft exam smoothly!

1. Explore Microsoft Official Webpage 

The Microsoft official webpage is worth visiting, and you should check it before anything else. Microsoft’s official webpage incorporates all the essential details such as exam objectives, details about training courses, exam cost, and how to register for the exam. 

2. Obtain MS-740 Study Guides and Other Resources

Obtaining reliable and updated study resources is the first step towards successful MS-740 exam preparation. Many platforms offer an MS-740 study guide for in-depth preparation. Moreover, there are many other resources available for this Microsoft exam preparation like training courses, video lectures, practice tests, and so on.

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3. Become an Active Member of Relevant Online Community

Any relevant online community is a way of association of like-minded people ready to share experiences throughout the Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams MS-740 exam preparation journey. These communities help you to deal with tough MS-740 syllabus topics with other members of the community. Furthermore, you will make many clear details about the exam and other essential features.

4. Use MS-740 Practice Test

The exam preparation process can be lengthy. If you are a working professional, you may require solid and verified practice tests to align with MS-740 exam objectives to get their thorough comprehension. Once you’ve begun your revision and feel you have a solid understanding of the exam concepts, taking the MS-740 practice test is an ideal way to measure your understanding and determine areas that require improvement.

MS-740 practice tests offered by are vital in numerous ways. For example, they are structured like the actual exams, are verified by experts, and include all the exam syllabus topics. 

Core Benefits of Passing Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams MS-740 Exam

The Microsoft exam preparation is never easy at all. Yet, passing a Microsoft MS-740 normally draws plenty of benefits. Here are some benefits that this exam can offer you:

1. You get Evidence of your skills

The first benefit of passing Microsoft MS-740 is that you will surely be a skilled certified professional. Getting this certification is a big accomplishment for those who are in the IT field. The core purpose of this certification is to act as evidence of your skills in executing definite tasks. By successfully earning this certification, any organization in any part of the world will surely trust your skills as the Microsoft certifications are acknowledged and greatly respected internationally in the IT field.

2. You Will Be Knowledgeable

Another benefit is that the skills that are obtained when preparing for the Microsoft MS-740 exam will be very helpful and will come in handy. Throughout your prep process, you will acquire comprehensive knowledge of various technologies and also acquire new skills. As a result, you are going to increase your overall proficiency in carrying out vital tasks.

3. Your Career Will Flourish

Passing the Troubleshooting Microsoft Teams MS-740 exam and getting the relevant certification will accelerate your overall career development. After passing this Microsoft exam, you are going to be one of the applicants favored for a better job or promotion.


Microsoft MS-740 exam can be a stepping stone towards success. Just keep in mind that the exam is meant to assess the skills of the aspiring candidates. Microsoft develops the exam questions after a lot of research; hence you will require a lot of exam preparation. So, give your best in exam preparation and learn from reliable sources only. All the Best!!