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BA Career Insight: Is a CCBA Certification Right for You?

The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) offers an intermediate business analyst certification called the Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA). The IIBA provides the CCBA as an intermediate Business Analyst certification for a junior business analyst who may not meet the more severe conditions associated with the CBAP.

The IIBA views the CCBA as a stepping stone to the CBAP designation. The CCBA identifies individuals with business analysis experience who can show an apparent proficiency in business analysis but do not yet meet the requirements for the more stringent CBAP designation.

Since the Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) is designed for a junior business analyst to the CBAP designation, the CCBA designation expires after five years. The IIBA predicts that the CCBA recipient will want to get their CBAP designation before the CCBA expires. If this does not occur, the recipient of the CCBA does have the opportunity to rewrite the CCBA exam.

How Much Does It Cost to Take the CCBA Exam?

To take the IIBA exam, CCBA certification candidates must pay the non-refundable and non-transferable application fee and the exam fee.

The exam fee relies on the candidate’s membership status, while the application fee is the same for everyone. As IIBA often offers different discounts for their services, check out their site regularly for the latest offers.

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Below are the current IIBA CCBA application and exam costs:

  • Application Fee: $145
  • Member Exam Fee: $250
  • Non-Member Exam Fee: $405
  • Corporate Member Exam Fee: $205
  • Member Re-Write Exam Fee: $195
  • Non-Member Re-Write Exam Fee: $350

What Are the Benefits of Getting the IIBA CCBA Certification?

The potential candidates for IIBA CCBA can expect several essential benefits from getting the certificate:

IIBA CCBA certification provides business analysts a significant competitive advantage over other candidates during the employment process. IIBA certificates are the most valued in the industry. CCBA indicates to the employer that the analyst can take on more responsibility and has the knowledge and competency to take on larger and more complicated projects.

Keeping an IIBA CCBA certificate opens up new career paths and delivers more opportunities for business analysts. The certification program complements analysts’ work experience and offers a chance to gain new industry-approved skill sets. It is also the most reasonable way to switch from technical to business and management.

Successful CCBA candidates can expect a more competitive salary as they become recognized as qualified business analysts. Per the IIBA survey, certified analysts earn 16% more, while the expected salary increase is 15-20%.

CCBA certification permits business analysts to work on specific projects where the client demands that involved consultants are professionally certified to provide high-quality delivery.

CCBA certification is beneficial not just to individuals but also to organizations. Having CCBA Certified professionals on the team offers clients and customers that the organization is committed to delivering highly qualified staff working on projects and the best possible results.

Different Types of Jobs After CCBA Certification

Understanding your intended career path after completing your certificate program is essential because it will aid you in finding the best placement after graduation. Some roles available for graduates after CCBA are research associate, business analyst; business information analyst; researcher, or researcher assistant.

After the master’s CCBA, candidates have many alternatives across industries as business analysts. You can also go into IT management, stay in IT management consulting, or go into HR and hire people from the outside. You can also think of becoming a professor at an educational institution to teach business analysis and other associated courses.

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The most common option for you is applying for a job in an IT management consulting firm like Oracle or EDS Consulting Group, where you would work on projects with clients like Dell or HP in charge of their business processes or IT infrastructure.

In Conclusion

CCBA certification is one of the most acknowledged and established business credentials globally. It is a process that needs extensive knowledge of different skills and topics to design, implement, and maintain a compelling customer experience.

The CCBA credential is a widely sought-after certification for working professionals in business analysis, with many proven advantages. You have access to a fantastic range of knowledge and community. It will assist you in growing your business analysis expertise and improve the chances of better earnings and career opportunities.