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Get Ready to Hit the IT Market with Palo Alto PCNSE Certification

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) is a formal, third-party proctored certification that demonstrates that those who have accomplished it hold the thorough knowledge to install, design, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot most implementations in accordance with the Palo Alto Networks platform.

Importance of PCNSE Certification

To proceed on the journey of obtaining more knowledge in the cyber security field, Palo Alto Networks provides an advanced certification named PCNSE.

A Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) can deploy, configure, design, maintain, and troubleshoot the extensive majority of Palo Alto Networks Operating Platform accomplishments.

It confirms that engineers can properly deploy Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls while influencing the rest of the platform.

Targeted Audience

The PCNSE certificate grabs the expectations of different groups of professionals. These comprise system integrators, pre-sales system engineers, support staff, resellers, and clients utilizing the organization’s products. With the help of the certification, they will quickly prove that their understanding of the technologies linked to Palo Alto Networks is profound.


The Palo Alto indicates having 3 to 5 years of practical background in the security or networking industry before going for the PCNSE exam. Another thing is holding between 6 months and one year of experience in the deployment and configuration of the Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) for Palo Alto Networks (PAN) within the portfolio appertaining to the same organization. The portfolio should be made up of several separate technologies that work together to prevent cyberattacks.

The associate PCNSA certificate is a tremendous launching pad. With this amount of experience, one can smoothly see through by cracking the PCNSE exam. Mainly, the expected skills involve product knowledge apart from understanding the unique facets of solutions attributed to Palo Alto Networks and how they can be deployed appropriately. There is also the area of the network along with security strategies with respect to the software concerning PAN-OS.

PCNSE Certification Exam Details

The PCNSE exam comprises 75 questions that need to be answered in 80 minutes. The exam can be registered at Pearson VUE. The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer exam questions types are Multiple Choice questions, scenarios with graphics, and matching question styles. The exam is taken in English and Japanese languages. The PCNSE exam cost is $175.

PCNSE Exam Objectives

  • Core Concepts (12%)
  • Deploy and Configure Core Components (20%)
  • Deploy and Configure Features and Subscriptions (17%)
  • Deploy and Configure Firewalls Using Panorama (17%)
  • Manage and Operate (16%)
  • Troubleshooting (18%)

Palo Alto PCNSE Exam Preparation Tips

The Palo Alto PCNSE exam requires more practice and preparation, so let’s dive into the essential steps the exam-takers need to follow to crack the exam. So, the applicant should begin their preparation by visiting the official page of the Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer exam.

Design a Study Plan

It is vital to have proper exam preparation and a precise study plan to ensure you cover all the concepts. Making a schedule will help in mastering the syllabus in sufficient time. It is not enough if the applicant understands all the thoughts. Ideally, it is even essential to know how it is practically prepared. So, as mentioned above, practice a lot.

Explore the Palo Alto PCNSE Certification

The next step you need to follow is to explore the Palo Alto official website. It is a significant step to passing the Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer exam. Moreover, the applicant can come across the links to exam descriptions, blueprints, FAQs, Study guides, webinars, and so on.

Obtain PCNSE Study Guide

The exam-takers can find the study guide or the blueprint on the Palo Alto official page. The PCNSE study guide comprises all the important information about the exam, like objectives, fundamental exam details, training courses, etc. So, for thorough preparation, the applicant should obtain the study guide.

Gauge Your Learning with PCNSE Practice Test

The more practice the applicant has, the more it is helpful for them. As a whole, there are a lot of Palo Alto PCNSE practice tests available online. So, the applicant can become familiar with the exam structure through these tests. Moreover, the applicant will understand the type of Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer exam questions. The PCNSE practice test provided by the nwexam website offers the applicant real-time experience in practicing for the Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer exam. Moreover, the applicant can also attempt sample questions available on nwexam to see the trustworthiness of this website.

Palo Alto PCNSE Certification is a worthwhile investment because of the many benefits it provides throughout your career. So, why wait? Start preparing for the PCNSE exam now!!