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Raise Your Salary By Earning CISSP Certification

The CISSP certification is the most renowned certification in cybersecurity and information security. IT professionals around the world achieve this ISC2 certification as they know it is considered a very prominent and prominent certification by businesses and organizations across the globe. One major reason it is so prominent is its higher level of difficulty. The failure rate of the CISSP certification exam is more than 70%. It is a difficult exam with a syllabus comprising eight very comprehensive knowledge domains. It also has strict experience and education requirements, making the entry-level very high for potential applicants.

The ISC2 CISSP certification is best suited for seasoned security practitioners, managers, and executives involved in demonstrating their knowledge of different security practices and principles. The CISSP certification would help you get an advanced level of credibility and trustworthiness, and it will help you enhance your ability to manage and communicate better with various stakeholders.

The CISSP certification can help you promote your career in security-related positions. The CISSP certification helps you to explore new heights in your career. CISSP salary is above $140,000 per year, making it one of the highest-paid IT certifications.

ISC2 CISSP Exam Information

The CISSP exam is a 3-hour exam comprising 100-150 multiple-choice and advanced innovative questions. The passing score is 70% (700 out of 1000 points). You can register for your exam with Pearson Vue, the leading global computer-based testing provider for certification and authorized exams.

CISSP comprises eight technically oriented domains that cover critical security topics in detail. The CISSP exam measures your understanding across eight security domains. The CISSP syllabus in-depth coverage of these domains:

  • Domain 1: Security and risk management (15%)
  • Domain 2: Asset security (10%)
  • Domain 3: Security architecture and engineering (13%)
  • Domain 4: Communications and network security (14%)
  • Domain 5: Identity & Access Management (IAM) (13%)
  • Domain 6: Security assessment and testing (12%)
  • Domain 7: Security operations (13%)
  • Domain 8: Software development and security (10%)

Important Tips to Crack the CISSP Exam

Professionals having ISC2 CISSP certification are considered to have a high level of cyber and information security skills as a boon to much-needed organizations. The significance of this certificate has risen over time as a large number of organizations entrust cybersecurity measures. Some vital tips that can help your prepare for the exam and get the desired score are given below:

1. Understand the CISSP Exam Syllabus

The CISSP exam comprises eight domains. You need to be familiar with cybersecurity concepts, like various types of attacks on networks like viruses that can interrupt operations by devastating files or cracking devices, techniques inured to secure against them, comprising encryption methods, and many more.

2. Devise a Study Plan and Make the Most Out of Available Resources

Making a realistic and achievable study plan is a must for the CISSP certification exam preparation. Read all the study resources to understand what topics are explained in more detail than others.

Adequate training fetches your success. So, devise a study plan that suits you. Use study guides, training courses, books, blogs, and articles, and go easy on the CISSP syllabus. Learn through your techniques and not rely only on online study resources.

3. Take the CISSP Practice Exam

CISSP demands at least four to five months of thorough preparation; thus, the best way to study for the exam is by attempting as many CISSP practice exams as possible. Moreover, it will help assure that your knowledge base in each exam topic is profound, and if not, then know what part of the study resources requires more attention.

With the help of the CISSP practice exam, be prepared with knowledge of different question types that will likely appear in your exam. Although preparation takes time and works at first, learning how much more straightforward they become should make it all worthwhile.

4. Actively Participate in Online Communities or study groups

Becoming an active member of an online community or study group may benefit some because sharing ideas and getting feedback from others in your shoes is easy. Online communities allow people with similar interests or objectives to connect through blogs and forums. You can get information and answers to your questions from other group members and verify the source’s trustworthiness.

5. Work On Weak CISSP Syllabus Topics

All eight CISSP domains are evenly important the other, and you must concentrate on all of them. Through the preparation journey, work on weak topics to improve your knowledge and skills. Do not fear your imperfection. Determine your knowledge gap and ensure that you are thorough in all eight domains.

6. Organize Your Time and Studies

Schedule your time to study for the CISSP exam. Split your days, weeks, and months over the entire subject material to finish it. Keep uniformity in learning to evade any hassle of keeping the information needed to pass the CISSP exam. Split your time reviewing study materials, taking the CISSP practice exam, and doing group studies. This way, you will be able to cover the portions equally and within schedule.

7. Practice Scenario-Based or Judgment Questions

CISSP exams comprise different types of questions, with the most being scenario-based or judgment. The scenarios-based questions can be very similar, and you will require superb judgment skills to select the best option for each question.

You will be provided a scenario and have to choose the right option. In most situations, all these options will be correct logically; yet, that does not mean it will ensure your answer is correct since there is no wrong option in this case. You depend on your assessment skills merged with your managerial perspective, so being well prepared for such CISSP exam questions can help keep you calm when answering them based on their respective importance.

8. Make an Exam Day Plan

Your primary emphasis for the exam day should be that you shouldn’t drain yourself. Make sure you have everything handy needed for the exam day, like identification, writing, etc. Avoid last-day studies to evade stress. Remove any confining beliefs or negative thoughts from your mind, and stay directed and confident.

9. Sleep Well for Better Performance 

A good night’s sleep is essential for any exam day. You should bypass cramming the learning resources at the last minute to stay calm and focused on the exam questions. Stay energetic on exam day. Try to relax and evade distractions and stay focused during the examination.

10. Implement Your Exam Strategy

In the last step, implement your exam strategy. It would help if you had a study plan with a good balance between studying and working on actual practice exams. Focus on time management and ensure you know what to expect in the CISSP Exam. Keep yourself organized during preparation and while taking the test so that every topic is precise before getting into the test. Your confidence is tested on each question, so stay calm and answer confidently.


The CISSP is one of the most sought-after certifications in cybersecurity. The exam includes many topics, but there are a few methods to prepare for it and pass with good scores. The tips mentioned above will help you be completely prepared to ace the exam. Learn by reviewing all study materials utterly, taking as many CISSP practice exams as possible, and avoiding studying on the last day. Make sure that your surroundings are favorable to stay focused when studying. Stay confident when taking the ISC2 Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam.