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Build Your Networking Foundation by Taking Cisco SCOR 350-701 Exam

If you’re looking to develop your end-to-end network security skills, then the CCNP Security certification is for you. To obtain the CCNP Security certification, you need to pass two exams: one that comprises core security technologies and one security concentration exam of your preference, so you can design your certification to your technical area of interest. Here we will discuss CCNP Security concentration exam 350-701 SCOR: Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies.

Cisco SCOR 350-701 Exam Information

The core SCOR 300-701 exam concentrates on your expertise in security infrastructure. The core exam is also the qualifying exam for CCIE Security certification, and passing this exam helps achieve both certifications.

For Cisco SCOR 350-701 exam, applicants need to answer 90-110 questions within 120 minutes. The exam can include different types of questions: Multiple-Choice Single Answer, Multiple-Choice Multiple Answer & Drag, and Drop Fill-in-the-Blank & Testlet. But, Cisco does not reveal exam passing scores because exam questions and passing scores are subject to change without notice. But usually, it varies from 750-850 out of 1000. This exam is available in English and Japanese language. The cost of the exam is $300, and the exam is valid for three years.

This exam evaluates the applicant’s knowledge of implementing and operating core security technologies, including:

  • Network security
  • Cloud Security
  • Content security
  • Endpoint protection and detection
  • Secure network access
  • Visibility and enforcement

There are no official prerequisites for CCNP Security, but you should have a solid understanding of the exam topics before taking the exam.

The Best Study Materials and Learning Options for Your Cisco SCOR 350-701 Exam Prep

There are many ways to understand the exam details and topics effectively. Many study materials have been developed so that the exam-takers preparing for Cisco 350-701 exam will have an assurance that they will pass the exam and ultimately become certified professionals. Most of the famous study materials that the applicants can use are as follows:

  • Cisco official instructor-led training course;
  • Cisco virtual labs;
  • Study guides and other eBooks;
  • YouTube video tutorials;
  • Cisco SCOR 350-701 practice test.

Make sure to utilize these resources smartly to get the coveted score. Though it is not sufficient to obtain plenty of study resources, you need to be committed and persistent with your exam preparation. Here are a few tips to ease your exam preparation for CCNP Security SCOR 350-701 exam:

  • Design an effective study plan;
  • Put aside a few hours each day to learn all the Cisco SCOR exam topics thoroughly;
  • Study in a calm place to avoid disturbances;
  • Make sure your study space is clean and airy, and all the study resources are handy;
  • Enroll in an official training course, “Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR) v1.0” that enables you to talk with your instructor; you need to ask questions about any section of the exam topic that you still have to master;
  • Practice what you’re studied as many times as possible using practice tests;
  • Don’t forget to take small breaks in between your studies. Your mind needs some leisure time to be refreshed and energetic;
  • When taking the actual Cisco SCOR 350-701 exam, read and understand the questions and answer them as there are no negative markings.

Alluring Reasons to Explore Cisco SCOR 350-701 Exam

Passing Cisco SCOR 350-701 exam is a launching pad to an excellent career in networking. There are other reasons why you should obtain a Cisco certification. Keep on reading to explore reasons to work hard to pass this exam.

Certification by Cisco – An Industry Leader

Cisco is known to be the first one to introduce careers in the networking area. Earning CCNP Security certification would provide you an advantage over other professionals certified by other professional vendors. Cisco has tremendous experience delivering certifications that stand out; great prestige is associated with being certified by Cisco – an industry leader and pioneer.

Passing Cisco SCOR 350-701 Exam Increases Confidence

Networking roles are usually practical, and you are always needed to accomplish them. With 350-701 SCOR certification, you will get confidence when carrying out a given task because the learning you have undergone builds a profound understanding. CCNP Security certification is vital for organizations when they employ you, and it proves to them that they have chosen the right worker.

Attractive Salaries

CCNP Security certification holders are paid more than their colleagues. There is a lack of trained networking professionals worldwide, raising the earning potential for Cisco-certified individuals because they are the most desired after for their specific qualifications. Passing Cisco 350-701 SCOR exam would give you that advantage.

Now Is A Good Time to Pass Cisco 350–701 SCOR Exam


CCNP Security SCOR 350-701 exam is one of the two exams needed to achieve the most prominent CCNP Security certification. Passing this exam unlocks the doors of excellent opportunities and career advancement, thanks to Cisco. Networking security is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the computer system infrastructure of any organization or business.