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Why CWNA-108 Exam Is Important for Your Wireless Networking Career?

The CWNA certification is the foundation-level enterprise Wi-Fi certification for the CWNP certification. CWNA certification will launch your wireless career by assuring you own the skills to survey, install, and manage enterprise Wi-Fi networks efficiently. As the market and utilization of wireless rise, the need for this certification will step up. The CWNA is also needed for your CWSP, CWAP, CWDP, and CWNE certifications. To achieve the CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator certification, you must pass the CWNP CWNA-108 certification exam.

CWNA Certification Exam Information

  • Exam Code: CWNA-108
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Questions: 60 multiple-choice / multiple answers
  • Language: English
  • Exam Cost: $249.99
  • Availability: Pearson Vue Testing Center

CWNA-108 Exam Objectives

  • Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies (15%)
  • WLAN Regulations and Standards (20%)
  • WLAN Protocols and Devices (20%)
  • WLAN Network Architecture and Design Concepts (15%)
  • WLAN Network Security (10%)
  • RF Validation (10%)
  • WLAN Troubleshooting (10%)

CWNP CWNA-108 Exam Preparation

Make sure you study thoroughly for the CWNA-108 exam so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity that ensures your success in a Wireless Networking career. There are many learning options to utilize in conquering the skills needed to pass the CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator exam. They comprise a Live Training Wireless Network Certification Class, an Official Certification Self Study Kit, and other third-party resources. Take CWNA-108 practice tests to gauge your preparation level once you complete studying all the syllabus topics. The nwexam website has the best practice tests for the CWNA-108 exam.

Importance of CWNA-108 Practice Test in the Exam Preparation Journey

Practice tests have numerous benefits, which is why you will come across lots of websites that provide practice tests. It is important to note that all websites are not trusted. You need to take the practice tests from a reliable and trusted platform such as the nwexam website. The odds of passing the exam on the first attempt with the help of practice tests are high, especially for the CWNA-108 exam.

1. CWNA-108 Practice Test Helps You Understand Difficulty Level

When you attempt practice tests, you get an opportunity to practice with questions that mimic the structure of the actual exam. Practice tests give you an understanding of the difficulty level of the exam, and it helps you comprehend what types of questions are asked and how tough it is. This way, you get to know how to get ready for the exam.

2. Identify Weak And Strong Areas

Practice tests provided by the nwexam website are prepared by seasoned professionals, so the CWNA-108 exam questions from all the topics covered in the practice tests. By performing practice tests, you will identify your weak and strong areas and work on weak areas.

3. CWNA-108 Practice Test Helps You Understand Time Management.

The CWNA certification exam is time-based. This suggests you will be allowed to complete 60 CWNA-108 exam questions in 90 minutes. You cannot exceed the timing, and thus, you need to enhance your time management skills. And luckily, the practice tests give you this opportunity. When you perform practice tests, you get to understand how to manage the timing.

Benefits of CWNA Certification

As the wireless job market boosts, many organizations are utilizing wireless networks or broadening their present setups to involve wireless technology. Thus the demand and necessity are rising for network engineers with the relevant knowledge and skills to work with and support Wireless networks. The CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator certification can provide a substantial increase in job opportunities and also grab the attention of prospective organizations.

The certification can also help you advance within the field of wireless, from an environment comprising of open-source technologies or some other vendor platforms to the world of wireless networks.

Hiring professionals with a CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator certification in the IT field is quite promising for the organization. They can then rest assured that their CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator understand their work and can safeguard the business information.

With the enormous growth of “smart” almost everything, wireless networks are flattering more vast and complex every day, and their needs are growing at a brisk pace. CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator certification is also the first step towards higher levels of CWNP certifications.


CWNA certification offers IT, professionals a bright career. If you want to promote your wireless networking career, you need to pass the CWNA-108 certification exam, and practice tests from nwexam will help you to a great extent. So, do not waste your time and start preparing right now!!