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It Is Time to Specify Your Fortinet Certification Path

You must obtain proficiency in the same technology to get a job in a definite technology. You must have the technical expertise and hands-on experience with the same. Fortinet provides certifications, like NSE 1, NSE 2, NSE 3, NSE 4, NSE 5, NSE 6, NSE 7, and NSE 8, to prove your knowledge and skills in firewall technology. Fortinet NSE program is an eight-level program. Fortinet certification is highly in the network security job market. Passing Fortinet NSE exam can help distinguish one from the other job candidates. Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) offers the following certifications and paths:

  • Associate
  • Professional level
  • Analyst
  • Specialist
  • Architect
  • Expert level

Overview of Fortinet Certification Track

Fortinet NSE Associate Certifications

The Fortinet NSE Associate certification offers an entry-level certification that puts the base for comprehending the threat landscape and its influences on networks. This certification provides the opportunity to begin a career in the Network Security arena. The Fortinet NSE Associate exam offers an outline of product knowledge, security concepts, and firewall concepts.

There are no official prerequisites for the NSE Associate Certification exam.

Fortinet NSE Associate certifications have three levels of certifications:

  • NSE 1 – Information Security Awareness
  • NSE 2 – The Evolution of Cybersecurity
  • NSE 3 – The Fortinet Products

Fortinet Professional Certification – NSE4

Fortinet NSE4, Professional level certification, is an advanced certification that comprises two levels: FortiGate Security and FortiGate Infrastructure. Achieving NSE 4 cert confirms an applicant’s expertise in daily management, implementation, and administration of the security infrastructure of Fortinet products.

Fortinet NSE 4 Professional exam requires the applicants to have NSE1 to NSE 3 Fortinet certifications.

Fortinet Analyst Certification – NSE 5

Fortinet NSE 5 Analyst certificate comprises six levels: FortiManager, FortiSIEM, FortiEDR, FortiClient EMS, FortiSOAR, and FortiAnalyzer. This Fortinet NSE exams proves updated knowledge in network administration of FortiGate devices, deployment, integration of FortiSIEM, configuring and deploying FortiAnalyzer, provisioning of FortiClient, and identifying threats.

Prerequisite to be eligible for Fortinet NSE 5 is to have NSE 1 to NSE 3 certifications.

Fortinet Specialty Certification – NSE 6

Fortinet NSE 6 Specialty comprises eight exams: FortiADC, FortiAuthenticator, FortiDDoS, FortiMail, FortiWeb, FortiNAC, integrated and cloud wireless, and FortiWLC.

Fortinet NSE 6 confirms you have extensive knowledge about DDoS, mails, web, NAC, ADC, integrated and cloud wireless, and WLC.

Fortinet NSE 6 Specialty exam demands NSE1 to NSE 3 certifications.

Fortinet Architect Certification – NSE7

Fortinet NSE7 Architect certification offers seven exams: Advanced Analytics, Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud Security, Public Cloud Security, Enterprise Firewall, Secure Access, and SD-WAN.

This Fortinet NSE proves you have expertise in administering, deploying, and troubleshooting Fortinet security solutions.

Fortinet NSE 7 Architect exam requires NSE4 to NSE 6 certifications as a prerequisite to sit for exams.

Fortinet Expert certification – NSE 8

Fortinet NSE8 Expert certification confirms you have the knowledge to install, design, configure and troubleshoot a network security solution.

Advantages of Achieving Fortinet Certifications

Fortinet exams aim to qualify professionals with the knowledge and skills to be productive in a Fortinet networking environment. Now that most organizations expect applicants to have certifications, Fortinet exam helps you succeed in an intricate and militant job landscape. You can learn the several technologies and tools required for a safe and secure network. Below are some of the benefits of achieving this certification:

  • Fortinet NSE certification incorporates all the fundamentals of cyber security and makes headway to more cutting-edge topics such as intrusion detection, firewall configuration, and VPNs.
  • You improve your cybersecurity and networking expertise as a data and IT professional.
  • You learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity through practical experience with different applications.
  • A certification is an excellent approach to getting a high-paying job in some top fields.
  • You understand the threat landscape and other cybersecurity issues faced by organizations.
  • You learn to deal with security and design configuration.
  • The average salary of a Fortinet certification holder varies from USD 64,000 to USD 198,000 per year across different job positions and classifications.
  • To be a unique cybersecurity professional, you must know about various cybersecurity topics. Fortinet NSE certification best suits those who wish to learn more about secure networking and security architecture.


The Fortinet certification validates that individuals have the skills to manage the day-to-day operations of FortiGate devices in support of specific commercial programs. NSE certification boosts an existent’s professional growth and offers numerous benefits to an association by bestowing a dependable standard to evaluate skills and knowledge.