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Simple Tips to Prepare for CCISO Certification Exam

The Certified CISO – CCISO certification is the first training and certification offered by the EC-Council intended to produce top-level information security executives. The CCISO addresses more than just technical knowledge but the use of information security management standards from an executive management perspective. The certification was created by sitting CISOs for existing and aspiring CISOs.

The CCISO certification is aimed at turning managers into Leaders and Executives by emphasizing not on the technical aspects of information security management. Still, the strategic, financial, and management skills CISOs require to lead top information security programs.

Main Advantages of Earning CCISO Certification

EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer is the administrative authority that will protect your association from unwanted and outrageous security breaks by outlining data security projects and operating a group of data security experts.

CCISO certification holders understand that their data security preferences constantly impact their association’s operational cost, expertise, and skill.

CCISO Professionals will develop and convey a technique to avoid the potential dangers from their use to the association’s tasks while they offer innovations.

CCISO Exam Details

  • Time Limit: 150 minutes
  • Number of questions: 150
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice
  • Passing Score: 72%

CCISO Certification Domains

CIOs are certified in the knowledge of and experience in the following CCISO Domains:

  • Domain 1: Governance, Risk, Compliance
  • Domain 2: Information Security Controls and Audit Management
  • Domain 3: Security Program Management & Operations
  • Domain 4: Information Security Core Competencies
  • Domain 5: Strategic Planning, Finance, Procurement, and Third-Party Management

A Complete Guide to EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) Certification

How To Prepare for the EC-Council CCISO Certification Exam?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to prepare for the CCISO Certification 712-50 Exam:

1. Focus On The Domains of the CCISO Certification Exam

EC-Council offers enough learning materials to allow exam-takers to master the domains in detail to sweep through the exam. But be ready to spend ample time and study hard. To prepare for this EC-Council CCISO exam, explore the official web page and go over the exam domains. Keeping in mind all the domains, chart out the study plan. Having all the information about the exam handy will allow you to determine how to carry out exam preparation effectively.

2. Know the CCISO Exam Pattern

Understand the exam domains in detail and essential information like a number of questions, time duration, types of questions, and CCISO certification cost, and so on. You should thoroughly review them to gain a solid familiarity with the exam’s background and help you study more efficiently.

3. Devise An Effective Study Plan For The Exam Preparation

Devising a study plan will help you learn all the domains on time, do revisions, balance work life and studies, perform practice tests, and relax. Making a study plan is a must because if you don’t make it, it will become far too simple to delay, become preoccupied, or overlook what you expect to do.

4. Choose the Right Study Technique

Self-study does not offer appropriate learning materials or the convenience of solving your queries whenever you want. To aid from the best materials for CCISO exam preparation, you will need valuable hands-on experience that you can acquire in an instructor-led training course where the expert instructors will share their knowledge and experience.

5. Don’t Forget to Take Practice Tests

There may need to be more than just studying with courses and guides alone to pass the exam. Taking practice tests is advisable to boost your likelihood of passing the exam on the first try. Practice tests will help you get familiar with the real exam environment. If you are planning to attempt practice tests, visit the edusum website.

The practice tests are intended to prepare you for the real exam environment in front of you. After completing practice tests, you can review the result and easily point out the topics you are lacking and needs to improve. Remember that the more you practice, the better your odds of doing well on the exam.

6. Engage in Online Community or Forum

Online communities and forums are an excellent way to prepare for the EC-Council CCISO exam. The best method to get in touch with other applicants is through online communities and forums. Furthermore, you can ask a question associated with the topic you are facing difficulty with. Also, such groups deliver regular penetrations into the exams, and the discussions are helpful for you to excel in the exam.

7. Do Revision and Rest More

Revision is vital because it allows you to soak up the topics you have been learning, or you will forget everything. However, you should not disregard your health. To ace the exam successfully, you must eat and rest adequately.

Due to a lack of sleep or rest, you will be unable to remember any information if your brain is exhausted and you are physically drained.


Passing CCISO exam can surely bring many benefits for your present or future career. If you are interested in the Information Security field, you should go for the EC-Council CCISO certification exam. And if you want to do well in the CCISO exam, you should concentrate almost all your time on the preparation process, and the rest will be much easier.