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CT-MAT: Ace the ISTQB Certified Tester Mobile Application Testing Exam 

ISTQB’s CT-MAT certification is a great career choice, and the earners need to deal with multiple scenarios while testing Mobile Applications. The first task to start the CT-MAT career is to pass the exam, and practice test exams help an aspirant in this matter. Let’s take a look at the certification preparation and the benefits of ISTQB certification through this blog.

What Is the CT-MAT Certification All About?

ISTQb’s CT-MAT Mobile Application Testing certification offers insight into techniques and tools a professional may use to test mobile applications. The CT-MAT certification covers the required mobile project activities, roles, methods, and methodologies.

Who Should Take the CT-MAT Certification Exam?

The CT-MAT Mobile Application Testing certification is suitable for mobile technology professionals. The CT-MAT certification is also suitable for professionals who are planning to start mobile projects or are working within organizations that plan to do so.

Are There Any Eligibility Criteria to Take the CT-MAT Exam?

The CT-MAT aspirants must hold the Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate to take the exam.

What Skills Do You Earn through the CT-MAT Certification Preparation?

If you pass the CT-MAT exam, you must be able to perform the following objectives-

  • Review and understand business and technology drivers for mobile apps in order to make a test strategy.
  • Identify and learn about the risks, key challenges, and expectations associated with testing a mobile application.
  • The aspirants can apply test types and levels specific to mobile applications.
  • They can use common test types, those mentioned in the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level certification syllabus about mobile testing.
  • They can carry out the activities needed specifically for mobile application testing as part of the main works of the ISTQB test operations.
  • They must check and use suitable situations and proper tools for mobile application testing.
  • The aspirants understand methods and tools specifically to support mobile application test automation.

Preparation Tips:

Make Syllabus Completion Your Priority:

Covering the syllabus domains is the first task if you want to pass the CT-MAT exam. The syllabus covers the following topics-

  • Automating the Test Execution
  • Mobile Application Platforms, Tools and Environment
  • Common Test Types and Test Process for Mobile Applications
  • Mobile Application Test Types
  • Mobile World – Business and Technology Drivers

Among the topics, the Mobile Application Test Types topic covers most of the sub-topics. Therefore, whenever you set a study schedule, focus on the syllabus section more.

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Make Studying Stress-free:

If you fix the daily topics for studying and focus on learning the fixed topics on a daily basis, you won’t face the last moment exam stress. Therefore, focus on learning the syllabus domains from the core.

Make Essential Notes:

Notes-making helps you in two ways. Your memory gets a boost with the syllabus domains, and the task of revision becomes easier with these notes. At the last moment, you can only follow the notes without going through the full syllabus.

Join the Training:

You can join the CT-MAT training available from Accredited Training Providers. These training are available in the classroom, virtual, and in e-learning mode. Accredited training offers valuable study material from ISTQB and boosts your success scope. A candidate can go for self-study mode, using the syllabus and recommended reading material.

Take Practice Tests for Better Exam Experience:

You can perform better in the CT-MAT exam if you are aware of the exam structure. Therefore, enroll for quality CT-MAT practice tests to better understand the exam structure.

What Is the Benefit of Having ISTQB Certifications?

Boost Your Resume Value with CT-MAT Certification:

ISTQB certifications are designed on modern standards that many global software testing experts have developed. ISTQB certifications are the global standard in software testing certification and the no.1 testing software across the globe. ISTQB has offered more than 80000 certifications across the globe. Therefore, when the CT-MAT certification is on your resume, it boosts your resume value, and you can get a lucrative job with your skills.

Lifetime Certifications:

ISTQB certifications do not need recertification. Therefore, with the CT-MAT certification, you become assured of the lifetime skills. Moreover, your company may be able to qualify for lower insurance costs when you hire ISTQB Certified Testers. 

ISTQB Mobile tester certification focuses on practical applications of mobile testing that your testers and other technical staff need every day to find and eliminate programming errors. ISTQB’s mobile application tester certification proves to be beneficial for all day-to-day usage.

Bottom Line:

The huge variations in mobile devices, operating systems, and features have led to the need for automated testing of mobile applications.

The demand for internet and mobile technologies has raised mobile access and thus improved the need for mobile applications. Mobile application development has created increased demands for skilled professionals to test mobile applications. Therefore, grab the CT-MAT certification for a better career.