SAFe POPM exam tips

POPM Certification: How to Earn It?

Go through some practical study tips and POPM practice test materials to easily earn the certification. Learn more about product management and your operations to benefit an organization.

Overview of the POPM Certification:

The POPM exam from SAFe is a 90-minute long exam with 45 questions. A candidate faces multiple-choice and multiple-response-based questions in the SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager certification exam. Through the certification, you earn the knowledge to use the Scaled Agile Framework.

What Is the Scaled Agile Framework?

SAFe, or the Scaled Agile Framework, is the leading system for scaling agile, and thousands of enterprises trust it. SAFe has shown huge growth in productivity, quality, time-to-market, and employee engagement. 

Who should take the POPM, SAFe Product Owner / Product Manager Certification?

The POPM certification is suitable for- 

  • Product Line Managers or Delivery Managers
  • Product Owners and Scrum Masters
  • Business Owners and Business Analysts
  • Portfolio or Program Managers
  • Project or Product Managers
  • Release Train Engineers

What Would You Do As a SAFe POPM?

  • Get a customer-centric approach to building products.
  • Use a Scaled Agile Framework to offer more value.
  • Get along with engineering teams and business stakeholders.
  • Classify Epics into Features and decompose Features into Stories
  • Identify and check out the Program Increment and offer continuous value.
  • Design, prioritize, build, test, and deliver products with increased productivity

Preparation Tips to Pass the POPM Certification Exam:

Cover the Syllabus Domains:

  • Executing Iterations (30%)
  • Becoming a Product Owner/Product Manager in the SAFe enterprise (10%)
  • Preparing for PI Planning (30%)
  • Leading PI Planning (20%)
  • Executing the PI (10%)

Earning Success in the POPM exam is highly dependent on your grasp of the syllabus domains. Therefore, focus on covering the syllabus domains, and keep time according to the percentage distribution of the domains.

Set A Study Schedule:

When you follow a schedule, doing the regular works become easy, if you mention the study topics for regular studying, only following the schedule would save you from getting confused and help you use time productively.

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Make Notes for Better Memorization:

A writing habit helps you remember the topics for longer, which is essential to face any multiple-choice exam. Therefore, prepare your notes, and revise quickly during the last moments.

Join the Training:

SAFe offers training regarding the POPM exam, to strengthen your product management skills. Therefore, join the training to work better with the products.

Explore More with Practice Tests:

Exposure to the actual exam structure helps pass the POPM exam easily. Therefore, enroll yourself in the POPM practice test and grab the real exam experience. Learn more about your strengths and flaws regarding the syllabus domains, and improve further.

How Do You Benefit Your Organization with the SAFe POPM Certification Knowledge?

Being POPM certified makes you skilled in Scaled Agile certification. You can embrace agility across your entire organization, not just in software and IT. As a POPM certified, you can work more efficiently and productively with teams organized around customer value. Deliver faster value, get feedback, and flawlessly integrate innovations and changes. Balance risk and growth with an adaptive portfolio. 

Combine Strategy to Delivery:

Break through the silos and hierarchy to accelerate the decision-making and coordinate the flow of work. Prioritize customer satisfaction and quality, from concept to cash. Align the enterprise with a shared vision for what to build, then build it better and faster than before. 

Work with Top Talents:

Attract and retain top talent with a way to work that’s purposeful, visible, and sustainable. Create an adaptive, engaged workforce with the skills to grow as you do. Lead and empower engaged employees in a culture that values innovation, experimentation, and relentless improvement. 

What Would be Your Work Role As A POPM Certified Product Manager?

As a product manager, the POPM certified ensures that each piece of work functions back to product and business operations. The POPM certification positions you as a product team leader who helps reinforce SAFe core values across the organization. These values are not simply best practices, they form the very foundation of SAFe.

Benefits of Becoming POPM Certified Product Manager:

Offer High-Quality Deliverables:

Assure high-quality deliverables at every stage of software development to create efficient, reliable operations at scale. The workload is reduced when every segment of system architecture and line of code is validated and checked early on.

As a POPM manager, you are often the bridge between teams allowing cross-functional coordination to assure quality work across the board. Work with the team to increase the quality of monitoring, testing, and deployment processes.

Offer Transparency:

SAFe teams work at high speed and maintain high production standards. These are dependent on transparency at every level of your organization.

As a POPM product manager, you can contribute to creating an environment of trust where people feel comfortable accepting mistakes and work to improve.

Better Execution of Program:

SAFe works to apply agile principles within enterprise organizations to consistently offer quality products and meet business objectives. Built-in quality, Alignment, and transparency everything contribute to achieving the overall aim of successful program execution. As a product manager, you will help the team to stay focused on achieving the same goal.

Bottom Line:

Getting the POPM certification is the key to improving your skills regarding the scaled agile framework. Agile is valued across the globe, therefore, earn the POPM certification and make yourself open to career opportunities.