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Achieving Expertise: Guide to Atlassian ACP-620 Certification

What Is ACP-620 Certification

The Atlassian Certified Professional – Agile Project Management (ACP-620) certification is provided by Atlassian, a supplier of teamwork, growth, and issue-tracking software for groups. The ACP-620 certification verifies a person’s skill in utilizing Atlassian’s agile project administration tool, for example, Jira Software, and shows their knowledge to apply agile methodologies to hands-on projects.

Having the ACP-620 certification means that a candidate has the ability and mastery of planning better paths and information on agile projects and utilizing Atlassian’s tools. To gain the Atlassian ACP-620 certification, applicants must crack the ACP-620 exam and adhere to Atlassian’s code of conduct.

The Atlassian ACP-620 certification is inspired by Agile project management professionals, including project managers, software architects, product owners, and Scrum Masters.

ACP-620 Exam Layout

  • Exam Name: Atlassian Certification in Managing Jira Projects for Cloud (ACP-MJCP)
  • Exam Code: ACP-620
  • Exam Price: $100 (USD)
  • Duration: 180 mins
  • Number of Questions: 70
  • Passing Score: 63%

ACP-620 Certification Exam Covers the Following Topics

  • Automation (15-20%)
  • Reporting (15-20%)
  • Managing Projects (25-35%)
  • Board Configuration (25-35%)
  • Project Creation (10-15% of exam)

To ensure success in the Atlassian Jira Cloud Certification exam, we suggest an authorized training course, practice test, and hands-on experience to prepare for Atlassian Managing Jira Projects for Cloud (ACP-620) exam.

Atlassian ACP-620 Certification Exam Preparations

Here are a few tips you can carry to train for the Atlassian ACP-620 certification exam:

Familiarize Yourself With Exam Structure and Material

Study of the exam syllabus topics and various questions to comprehend issues, for the Atlassian ACP-620 exam.

Gain Practical Exposure to Jira

The better path to train for the ACP-620 exam is to earn valuable experience using Jira in a hands-on environment. This will support you in comprehending how various configurations and settings work and how they can be used to help agile growth and service administration.

Peruse Atlassian’s Documentation Materials

Atlassian delivers a profusion of documentation and resources on Jira and its relevant outputs. Studying these resources will support you in comprehending Jira’s various configurations and abilities and how they can help other application areas.

Undergo Online Instruction or Lessons

A few online ways and tutorials can support you in training for the ACP-620 exam. They are delivered by Atlassian, its members, and other involved party supporters.

Drill With Sample Exams

Practice replying sample exam questions to understand the questions you’ll face on the exam. This will support you in setting the course where you require additional study and help you know how to format replies.

Become a Member of the Atlassian Network

Connect the Atlassian community of employers, architects, and authorized experts to join with others qualifying for the exam and gain help and guidance.

Remember, cracking the Atlassian ACP-620 exam is not only about having mastery but also cleverly involving it in new scenarios, so ensure to practice and use your understanding in practical situations.

Benefits of the Atlassian ACP-620 Certification Exam

A few benefits of getting the Atlassian ACP-620 certification exam:

Shows Mastery

The ACP-620 certification shows users, customers, and equivalents that you have the understanding and ability to manage, configure and administer Jira Software and Jira Service Desk.

Strengthens Reputation

Having an Atlassian certification increases your resume’s credibility and makes you excel as a Jira expert in a future job.

Boosts Job Proficiency

A certification in Jira Administration demonstrates to your employer that you are bound to make your career and continually enhance your skills. This can teach us more chances for improvement inside the community.

Expands Job Prospects

The ACP-620 certification can start new employment opportunities and raise your income potential. It demonstrates that you have the talents and understanding to help quick development teams and address service demands, which are in heightened order in today’s career needs.

Fosters Self and Career Advancement

Preparation for the ACP-620 certification exam can heighten your knowledge of Jira and its relevant products, which can take to individual and skilled development.

Being a Member of Society

Atlassian license holders are Members of a professional network who can transfer understanding and best practices and have complete entrance to help, circumstances, and values.

Improving Your Proficiency

The Atlassian ACP-620 certification exam tests your understanding and mastery in managing,  configuring, and administering Jira Software and Jira Service Desk. This supports enhancing the talents and understanding you already have and causes you to be more helpful in your career.


Atlassian ACP-620 certification is a professional certification for someone who works in airliner upkeep and repair. The National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT) is given the certification and identified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). To acquire Atlassian ACP-620 certification, applicants must crack a written exam and a practical exam, showing their understanding and proficiency in airliner upkeep and repair. 

Once certified, the applicants must hold their certification by achieving resuming education needs. The accreditation shows a candidate’s understanding, mastery, and responsibility for security, which is essential in the aeronautical sector.