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CT-PT: Prepare with Mock Tests to Become ISTQB Certified Tester Performance Testing

The 40 questions long ISTQB CT-PT, Certified Tester Performance Testing certification is easy to crack with mock tests, as these tests will offer the experience of facing the exam questions and improve your knowledge of the exam syllabus.

The ISTQB Performance Testing (CT-PT) certification provides a comprehensive understanding of performance testing, including technical, method-based, and organizational aspects. It specifically focuses on the fundamentals of performance testing, such as basic concepts, measurements, activities, tasks, and tools used.

Who Should Take the ISTQB CT-PT Certification Exam?

ISTQB Performance Testing, CT-PT certification helps to enhance your performance testing skills and career prospects.

The certification is beneficial for: 

  • Individuals involved in DevOps or software quality who want to expand their understanding of performance testing;
  • Individuals seeking to establish themselves as experts in performance testing; 
  • Individuals involved in performance engineering who desire to deepen their knowledge of performance testing can take the exam too.

Details of the CT-PT Certification Exam:

To earn the certification, candidates must already have the Certified Tester Foundation Level certificate. The CT-PT exam is 90 minutes long exam with 40 questions, and a candidate must answer 26 questions to pass the exam successfully.

After passing the Foundation Level Performance Testing exam, candidates should be capable of achieving the following business objectives:

  • Grasp the fundamental principles of performance efficiency and performance testing; 
  • Establish performance risks, goals, and requirements to fulfill stakeholders’ needs and expectations;
  • Recognize performance metrics and how to obtain them;
  • Formulate a performance test plan that aligns with stated goals and requirements; 
  • Design, carry out, and evaluate basic performance tests; Evaluate the outcomes of a performance test and explain their significance to various stakeholders;
  • Present the process, reasoning, results, and impact of performance testing to different stakeholders;
  • Know the categories and purposes of performance tools and the criteria for choosing them;
  • Determine the alignment of performance testing activities with the software development life cycle.

Is Training Provided for the ISTQB CT-PT Certification Exam?

Accredited Training Providers provide training for the ISTQB CT-PT exams through classroom, virtual, and online learning formats. It is highly recommended to undergo training from an accredited provider as this ensures that an ISTQB Member Board has evaluated the materials for relevance and alignment with the syllabus. Alternatively, self-study using the CT-PT syllabus and recommended reading material is also a viable option for exam preparation.

Few Tips to Remember During the ISTQB CT-PT Certification Exam:

Grasp the Syllabus Domains:

Cover the syllabus domains from the core. Your theoretical knowledge is the base for performing well during the practical exam. Therefore, make your base stronger to perform well as an ISTQB specialist.

Join the Training:

Joining classroom, virtual or instructor-led training helps you to get the needed support from the ISTQB CT-PT experts. The training helps to strengthen your knowledge.

Take Online ISTQB CT-PT Mock Test Exams:

When you are accustomed to the exam pattern, it becomes easy to take the multiple-choice exam. Therefore, join online mock tests to prepare in the best manner and attain success.

What About Making the Career with the ISTQB CT-PT Certification?

If you’re a beginner eager to delve into the world of software or IoT (Internet of Things), then consider exploring performance testing. The certification is also suitable for individuals seeking a change from manual and automation testing and wanting to try something new and thrilling. Essentially, anyone with interest in performance testing can pursue this career path.

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Performance Testing as a profession will always be in high demand because organizations must release their software with proper testing. Additionally, companies will require better testing plans and projects as technology advances, making an efficient and experienced performance tester a valuable asset. Therefore, earning the ISTQB CT-PT exam is beneficial for long-term career benefits.

Typically, the career progression for a skilled performance tester follows this path:

  1. Entry-level Performance Tester
  2. Senior Performance Tester
  3. Team Leader, Performance Analyst
  4. Test Manager
  5. Senior Test Manager

Of course, as you progress through each step, you will have increased responsibilities, but in many cases, you will also gain hands-on experience collaborating with software developers. You can pursue alternate career paths, such as automation testing and business analysis. High-quality performance testing training programs with job placement opportunities will prepare you for these scenarios.

Benefits of Becoming the ISTQB Certified Tester Performance Testing:

ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certification provides various benefits to software testers and quality assurance professionals:


ISTQB certification is a globally recognized standard for software testing, which enhances the tester’s credibility and helps stand out in the job market. Therefore, the CT-PT Certified Tester Performance Testing certification will earn you recognition when it is flaunted on your resume. 

Career Development: 

Having the CT-PT and ISTQB certifications will demonstrate your level of expertise regarding performance testing and can lead to advancement opportunities in your career.

Improved Knowledge: 

The specialist-level ISTQB Certified Tester Performance Testing certification process requires studying software testing concepts, methodologies, and best practices, which can help to improve the individual’s overall knowledge of the field.

Improved Skill Set: 

Earning the Specialist level CT-PT certification focuses on the practical skills required to perform software testing and helps to improve the individual’s ability to identify and address issues in the testing process.

Increased Earning Potential: 

Companies often prefer to hire certified performance testers, and having the ISTQB certification can increase the individual’s earning potential in the industry.

Bottom Line:

As long as the software is a part of the world, there will be an ongoing need for software performance testers. You can establish yourself in this field by taking top-notch performance testing courses in a few years. Performance testing is undoubtedly a career to consider. Therefore, study hard and earn the ISTQB CT-PT certification in no time.