Know the Trade: Become a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

In the age where the world is turning out to be more and more digital, not only organizations but individuals are also deciding to learn cybersecurity. Today, it’s not just an area of expertise, an excellent career—it is a skill that even an ordinary person should receive.

Ever with a variety of security certifications promising to upskill the technical understanding of desiring as well as working security professionals, the skill gap in this domain is immense. Recent studies predict around 3.5 million vacant cybersecurity jobs available by 2021. A survey from ISACA reflects that security positions in 60% of organizations could be packed in nearly three months.

Certified Information Security Manager – CISM

Until the last few years, typical IT technicians were carrying this role without any approved designation. But the evolving scenarios of infosec and proactively reinforcing cyber threats and attacks have caused the rising market for highly proficient information security professionals have verified and certified security skills with an acknowledgment of and ethical hacking, gained through certified cybersecurity certifications.

CISM is one of the highly appreciated information security certifications from ISACA, approved under ISO/IEC 17024:2003 by ANSI. Earning the CISM certification demands passing a difficult exam constituting 150 multiple-choice questions. This certification concentrates on confirming and proving your understanding of various security essentials, comprising information security management, security incident management, risk management, ethical hacking, and developing security programs. CISM certifications are valid for three years after successfully passing the exam, where the successful applicants have to agree to the CISM code of Professional Ethics to keep their certification.

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The Prerequisites to take this exam include five years of experience in information security with three years of experience in management roles acquired within a 10-years before the date of application for the exam.

How Beneficial is CISM Certification

Although, the security professionals having adequate experience to perform their respective roles excellently, the CISM certification draws some combined advantages that help them excel in their preferred positions and promote their career opportunities.


CISM certification destines to teach extensive management capabilities to IT professionals. The CISM certification is a cybersecurity certification that focuses on international security best practices and confirms your ability to oversee the overall information security by creating workable information security frameworks.

Confirms Expertise

The hiring companies prefer hands-on experience. But measuring the appropriate exposure to a particular IT role across organizations is challenging. The CISM certification accurately compiles the relevant experience despite tracking down the companies and other sources for expertise on the confirmed skills. CISM certification assures that the information security professional is qualified with management experience and deserve to achieve the reputed designation.

Strengthens Self-Determination

CISM equips the certified infosec professionals with the skills to establish deviations in critical security scenarios. CISM certified managers have the proficiency in executing sound security solutions and devising their alternatives to induce overall protection on enterprise-level, thereby allowing them to accomplish self-determination for new projects and advance career options.

Compliance Adherence

Every security certification must comply with standard security agreement to evade any difficulties catering to the new regulation like GDPR. Earning CISM certification exposes you to different tools, ensuring that the information security programs and policies are frames to address the compliance expectations expertly.

Career Opportunities

CISM certification brings enormous career opportunities with high pay packages. According to research, CISMcertified information security professionals corner an average salary of $111,049. Besides, this certification boosts the career growth of infosec professionals more quickly in comparison to their uncertified peers.

Why CISM Might Be the Best Certification You Can Get

The CISM certified IT managers could also move to other industries smoothly as highly qualified information security staff with relevant and proven competencies are quickly recognized and employed by the hiring managers across businesses throughout the world.

How Can You Obtain the CISM?

Don’t be thinking that the CISM is an exam that you can competently prepare for by merely memorizing terms and theories. The questions asked in the this exam will expect you to evaluate facts from different domains.

Here are a few Tips to Get You Through Exam:

  1. Think Like a Manager: You must understand all the technical concepts and think like a manager.
  2. Practice Tests: Take practice tests.
  3. Learn from Experienced professional: Spend time with an experienced professional to clear all your doubts and understand strategies.
  4. Join an Online Community: Discussing questions, study plans, and preparation tips among like-minded professionals can come a long way.
  5. Have a Study Partner: Develop your strategy with someone preparing for the same exam as you to guarantee a better approach.


The CISM exam is not as easy as you think. It requires a lot of time and dedication to become a Certified Information Security Manager.

CISM is the most popular IT certification as it is outlined according to the job profile of the Information Security Manager. It is one of the highest paying IT certifications.

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