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A Brief Guide On MTA 98-365 Certification Exam Preparation

MTA Windows Server Administration Fundamentals 98-365 is a Microsoft certification exam that imparts knowledge to IT professionals who are involved in Storage Server Functionality, Server Installation, Server Roles, Active Directory, and Server maintenance. The thoroughly demonstrated understanding of these topics results in the award of the golden MTA certification.

MTA is Microsoft’s technology certification exam to confirm the professionals with the essential knowledge needed to start a career in the understanding of Microsoft technologies. Since this certification is vital to IT professionals, 98-365 Certification primarily targets the server administrators who have been correspondence with the entire administration Microsoft associated Server. The exam expediting the MTA certification has the following peculiar features:

  • It comprises of 40-50 questions that are of multiple choice.
  • Applicants are supposed to answer within 90 minutes.

The points below are the steps taken by certified professionals who passed this exam. Put them into practice during your 98-365 exam preparation.

Preparation Tips for MTA 98-365 Certification Exam

1. Join the MOAC (Microsoft Office Academic Course) 

Microsoft Office Academic Course is the official guideline website for the 98-365 certification exam from Microsoft. It has been presented for all the applicants to ensure that they got the official and authentic information from Microsoft. The road map offers you the actual picture of the exam you are demanding to pass as well as the format the exam will take. It also helps you to improve your understanding of the exam structure. You will have the opportunity to recognize the consistency of some key topics that are given more attention to Microsoft’s examiners. Moreover, subscription to the MOAC will provide you unlimited access to the several exams that are put in different ways.

2. Get the 98-365 Exam Syllabus Outline

Apart from knowing the main domains that you are required to learn before doing the exam, also find the syllabus outline. The significance of the syllabus outline is its comprehensive description of the subtopics of each domain. In most cases, the title of the main topic might not appear familiar to you, but the contents might be some concepts you studied in your prior certifications.

The main objective is that the applicants have a clear overview of the topics and so the general overview of the exam objectives. Furthermore, the syllabus outline will mark the boundaries of your studies by giving you the topics to learn because some materials may be offering a bunch of all MTA certification exam.

3. Learn with Colleagues

Microsoft certification exams, especially 98-365, are practical oriented, and the learner always requires to remember every move that is taken in installation, configuration, and, eventually, management. The colleagues preparing for the same Microsoft certification exam are improving in the fact that everyone will assist in solving every question as the others learn from him/her.

Become Network Administrator with MTA 98-365 Certification

One way of developing your career in the IT field is by sharing your knowledge or experience with others. The shared knowledge is always updated, and weakness is recognized and corrected. The individuals who are still in regular connection with other professionals are likely to perform industry or enterprise tasks three times accurate than ordinary individuals. Therefore, it is essential to put into consideration the significance of involving our colleagues in your studies.

4. Learn from the Experts

The other tip that needs to keep in mind is to learn from the experts. Many professionals who have successfully passed the MTA 98-365 exam have shared their experiences with the world so that we can learn from their experiences. Knowing the difficulties that everyone encountered and came out winningly will also let you develop our skills in managing the daily obstacles that may appear during our preparation. Most of the experts give bits of advice to foster your career and, finally, talent in your technology life. Additionally, they descriptively outline the roadmap of our future scope as they have attained their success through this certification.

5. Take 98-365 Certification Practice Tests

MTA 98-365 Practice tests are essential for revision. By answering the practice questions that are similar to those you will face in the actual exam, you revive your learning. You also get to recognize areas that you may not have understood and study them again. Many websites allow you to take practice tests. This means you can do it in a real-life exam scenario. The Microsoft Virtual Academy also offers practice questions that you can take for your exam preparation.


The tips listed above have always resulted in the successful completion of the exam, which results in earning MTA 98-365 certification. IT professionals should inspect and implement them in their future exams. It is the implementation of the knowledge that you have. The individuals who have adopted them are certified professionals in the IT field.

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