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Set Yourself Up for CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ Exam Success

CompTIA Fundamentals (ITF+) offered to individuals of all ages who qualify as under-represented in IT, unemployed, underemployed, and curious enough to want to explore opportunities in technology but who are lacking job experience in the IT Industry combined with soft-skills.

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ certification is intended to help you learn more about the information technology (IT) field. CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ certification can also be a platform to more high-level certifications such as CompTIA A+, and, with specific experience, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+.

CompTIA ITF+ is best at implementing a broader understanding of the complete IT field so that a professional can determine not only whether a career in IT is a wise choice, but also which area of this vast field is the most appealing for his or her future. Moreover, paving a way to entry-level roles, it is also an outstanding way for non-technical professionals and end-users to gain more improved IT skills to boost their career and improve their productivity and marketability in business environments that more and more demand IT knowledge. The certification can also help form curricula for younger students by giving a framework of fundamental topics that anyone should be informed of the present in this field. 

For your ease, here are certain critical ways by which you can start your preparation and finally clear the CompTIA ITF+ exam.

Tips to Prepare for CompTIA ITF+ Exam

Get The Appropriate Study Material

The first thing is to get the appropriate study material. The study material is available in various forms. You can get study guides, Ebooks, youtube videos, and other relevant resources. Some of the materials can also be obtained from online websites; for example, you can look for the official CompTIA website. But keep in mind to get the study materials from reliable and authentic resources.

Know your CompTIA ITF+ Exam Syllabus

Your syllabus is like a map in your journey of achieving certification, and you should always understand it thoroughly. Print syllabus on paper and review it while preparing for the exam. Also, keep in mind that you need to have profound knowledge of each topic that is specified in the syllabus.

CompTIA IT Fundametals+ Exam Syllabus Topics:

  • IT Concepts and Terminology 17%
  • Infrastructure 22%
  • Applications and Software 18%
  • Software Development 12%
  • Database Fundamentals 11%
  • Security 20%

Stay Updated on the Facts

If you browse on the internet, various blogs can give you information about each of the topics you need to learn and CompTIA ITF+ exam preparation. The Internet and Technology field is always developing, and you need to stay updated with all the happenings. You can also watch videos on YouTube to retain yourself updated.

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Practice, Practice, and Practice

The practice tests are one of the essential study materials that one should have for any CompTIA certification exam. FC0-U61 practice tests will help you understand the exam in a much better way and create an absolute study plan. They will also help you to gauge your progress consistently.

Be Persistent and Follow Your Strategy

You have to make a study schedule or strategy. Make sure you follow it strictly. The only way you can score well in the FC0-U61 exam is by continually revising the topics.


Most importantly, you have to be calm and relax. Getting tensed is not going to help you in your CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ exam preparation or writing the exam. After studying to the best of your capability, what is left is to be relaxed and confident for a good result. When you get to the exam, read and understand the question before you proceed to answer. Never take any part of the question for granted and never answer questions in a rush. Take your time to read and give your best to answering the questions.

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